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  1. There are huge self-reflection and growth possibilities with mushrooms

  2. I would assume she plays A Live One. But you specifically mentioned the “BOYYY” which brings to mind NYE ‘95

  3. Best advice anyone could possibly give you is, find an experienced roaddog.That and just go hitch hike, during the day.

  4. dang, not quite ready to catch out yet! following to see if you get any answers :) good luck

  5. The tape speed is probably off and the whole thing is probably a few cents off

  6. lol explains it better than i’d hoped. i’m always a few cents off

  7. Just listened. They're playing it in the same key they always seem to. First chord is D. Key of the song isn't really D though. I'd say it's more like G with the main progression being D(5) - C(4) - G(1) - D(5) and then modulates to C for the turn around. If you wanna consider it being in D, it starts in D Myxolidian and then heads to D Dorian for the turn around. But both of these keys correspond to the G major scale and C major scale respectively.

  8. The only way to check is to see what the light is reading near the plant. You can use a light meter for this or download an app on your phone and use that to check it. After you know what its reading, you can look up what kind of light requirements the plant needs and then go from there.

  9. That is straight facts though. I mean live Tool is the greatest show I've seen by miles. But its not Jams like you said. Which is another world of badassery lol. They turned me on to John Mayer honestly. I didn't like him at all before. But fuck he is good man.

  10. Hahaha dude I never thought I would be spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars to see John Mayer several times every summer lmao. That’s what the Dead’s all about! Shedding preconceptions and being open to anything. Maybe I’ll even go see Tool now

  11. Ohhh dude. You will not regret it. Best sound of all time. Fucking insanity in the most subtle ways. I haven't seen the Dead Yet but have been meaning to.

  12. Hey yall! Just wanted to share our most recent Ice dye :) we are inspired by psychedelics, mainly LSD as we look for creativity in our art! We started making dyes in our van 4 years ago! Our etsy is WeAreWater for anyone curious! Love and light :)

  13. of the few live versions in 1967 I don’t think it ever hit 3 minutes, don’t quote me tho

  14. Looks like the GD 50th anniversary print. Love the artwork on that.

  15. it’s been a hell of a ride and i’m loving every bit of it, finally back in my four walls to trip alone and peacefuly

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