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Notlo ripping off sample songs…

To pay respects.

Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

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  1. Lol good luck, i called out a bunch of the shitty behavior at last tippr and friends on tipperfam facebook page. The majority of reactions were good vut i had so many people telling me i was "gatekeeping" lmfao. I love new fans, i just hate when people come in and act like fools. Every single person who gave me shit was "joined tipper fam 2019/2020/2021"

  2. Love how he just pops up and starts scratchin. Dave the man.

  3. looks almost like he's doing the 'climbing down a staircase' bit

  4. I'm def interested in seeing it! Someone climbed on stage during Riler at 4321, I wanna see if it was as intense


  6. Langwidj has been my new favorite artist discovery, ever since I heard A Liquid Solid VIP on The Rusts' Oxidized v3.

  7. This is a pretty solid list of what you’re looking for. Check out Zonra too, he’s right up there with Tipper as far as I’m concerned. Quanta too but he’s a little more chill than the vibe you seem to be looking for.

  8. +1 for Zonra. Criminally underrated, the man is a wizard.

  9. Cualli - Tipper n Friends Original Mix

  10. Is there any possible way to add stuff like this from SoundCloud/Bandcamp or whatever to iTunes/Apple Music?

  11. Yea, you just have to download the mix and import it into itunes, then into your phone IIRC. Haven't used itunes in a few years but I imagine its still straightforward.

  12. This youtube channel is a goldmine my god

  13. I read variens tweets and don’t get it, what is happening?

  14. My understanding of the timeline:

  15. Sexual assault allegations =/= lazy producer allegations.

  16. Plagiarizing a song isn't just 'being lazy', come on. People face expulsion, lose titles, PhDs, jobs and more for plagiarism, please stop pretending that all she did was use a few loops in her song.

  17. Why are so many top tier artists giving her a pass on this??

  18. None of them even acknowledged that it was plagiarism. They just pretended that it was about using loops?? really bummy to see artists you respect not value artistic integrity over toeing the industry line and/or defending their inner circle.

  19. Daisuke Tanabe is on another level. God tier production and creativity, super unique.

  20. Haha! This is the only suggestion I have actually heard before! Cat Steps is dope.

  21. Def explore some of his other stuff as well then! I've only dug a teeny tiny bit into his discography but its very wide and all very impressive.

  22. here's some general 'rules' that are of course optional, but helped me start writing better melodies:

  23. probably goes without saying but the previous 2 oxidized compilations are very good.

  24. +1 to the Space Cadet EP, those first two tracks are killer. so refreshing to hear

  25. Invisible Allies - Conversations with Bees

  26. Don't get me wrong, I love resonant language n mickman, but I feel they (Res in particular) have one very specific sound - very bleak, angry, and grey.

  27. I actually think that a big part of what separates Dave's music out from his European contemporaries is that his music is much less angry and dark, much more bubbly and alive, more funky and playful. And I think a lot of the other guys in the scene who are clocking Dave's music also tend to be influenced by the larger field of bass music, including all those European influences.

  28. Very well put, I agree with pretty much everything you say.

  29. all 3 volumes of the Glitch With Friends sample packs are A++++, been coming back to them for years. they're also free

  30. that Mr. Oizo sample in 'RATATA' immediately stole my heart

  31. Listen to more music that is mixed exceptionally well - it will train your ears to adapt to hearing music thats mixed well, and changes your threshold for what sounds 'good' to you when mixing.

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