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  2. YouTube is actually really helpful. I was scared of parking in the city and found so many great instructional videos. Starting there might help you get over the initial fear. And there are also driving schools out there that can help. Good luck!

  3. You are missing vital spiritual opportunities because you are focused on this person. The lovers card doesn’t always mean romance. It also indicates a choice to take your own true path in life, and can also symbolize connecting with your higher self. Follow your own path. Your true love will meet you there.

  4. Oooh gotcha!!! Thank you for your response! I was unaware of the full history of this. So there is a Christian prayer to call on the angels from all directions that was turned into the LBRP? I've been trying to look into this but I'm unable to find anything. Do you have any more information?

  5. Golden Dawn Magic by Chic and Sandra Cicero is a great place to start. Even if you don’t ever practice the full Golden Dawn system it is the source material for most of the traditions that came after it and worth knowing about. Plus it’s just useful information to know as a practitioner

  6. Post-divorce me is like…I have money in the bank and a vibrator in my bedroom. Ain’t nothing a man can do for me that I can’t do for myself. Peace.

  7. Use the cards as talismans or in spells. I have an old deck that’s beat up that I use like this.

  8. 1: The Watchtower ritual is a Golden Dawn. General instructions on the ritual were provided usually at either Portal or Adeptus Minor. It is detailed in Regardie's Big Black Book. The idea that it can. Act as a Self-Initiation ritual stems from Regardie, who felt that a student who did the ritual daily for years could self initiate through the Outer Order. That was definitely not a belief of the GD.

  9. Thanks all! I think my seeing similarities between the watchtower ritual and the LRP is that in the LRP you are invoking the elemental archangels. In the case of the watchtower ritual, are you just invoking more powerful enochian angels then? Is it more of a planetary thing rather than elemental? (EDIT: nm, you said it’s divine forces… what does that mean?)

  10. I wanted to thank you again for replying to my question. I was very drunk that day and in a bad place. Today marks my 14th day sober. You were a part of that, very appreciated. Of all the responses this one real stuck out to me. Chic Ceciro and Regardie aren't easy reads. I actually found a book by Liam Thomas Christopher that's a bit easier to digest for a beginner. I'll be starting meditation soon and the LBRP but for now sobriety is number one. Wanted to let you know how much your words mattered to me though.

  11. I thought the same thing when I saw this and almost posted, glad I'm not alone!!

  12. I point at my feet and picture the light there because that’s where Malkuth would be if I “backed into” the tree of life. Makes more sense to me. The golden dawn points at the chest and I think Crowley points at the groin. You can do it however you want, though! I think in any case you’ll want to envision the light traveling all the way through you and into the earth to make a cross shape.

  13. Have you noticed the difference in the energy depending on where it's pointed at? I definitely agree with making the cross symbol.

  14. No not really, tbh. It just feels more comfortable/logical for me.

  15. I'm curious why you chose the Christian elements. It's practically the most hateful religion towards the occult traditions so why?

  16. The Bible is a magical text. The exoteric meaning has been used to abuse. The esoteric meaning is what can be learned through the occult. Also, as others have said, Christianity (and Judaism) has often blended with folk magick. It’s part of occult history. One doesn’t need to practice this way themselves but it’s a legitimate approach.

  17. I have a theory that Ben’s mind has linked with alternate universe where Sebastian the Crab said “INQUISITIONE!” and where some people think Aladdin was the Genie. And where Judge Reinhold was in The Breakfast Club. He’s not wrong, he’s just wrong in our universe.

  18. Thank you for your reply. I thought the LBRP couldn’t be used as a tool to banish a GRP based working though. That you’d have to use the GBRP or the GBRP of fire if anything. Unless I’ve misunderstood

  19. No that’s right. I’m not as familiar with the GRP (I think that’s Thelemic right?). What I do with the LIRP is the invoking pentagram of fire on all sides and call Michael on all sides. Then I’d either banish fire on all sides if I need to or just do the banishing earth pentagrams since it includes and balances all the elements. I’m guessing you can do the same with the GRP. I know the SIRP is used to isolate elements like that and they sound similar.

  20. Yes it’s Thelemic. So when you invoke fire do you always make a note to banish at the end of the day or do you sometimes let it preside ? What’s your routine with that ?

  21. I should probably banish at the end of the day but I don’t always if I either need the energy or I am just too lazy haha. I tend to notice it dissipates over time anyway. But end of day banishing is good hygiene in any case.

  22. Are there any fun touristy things to do in Danvers?

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