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  1. Thats what this all comes down to. Where there is smoke there is fire. With the claims very high ranking people like Grusch have made, there are only two conclusions.

  2. Can someone send me some links to this guy's testimony or this interview? For some reason NOTHING comes up in my you tube search for him

  3. Thr banter between MIB and BDR was palpable and so entertaining.

  4. Poor baby girl didn't even get past the rice and avocado.

  5. You can tell by Mama's expressions that she really loves Jimbo.

  6. I'm in the middle of a series re-watch right now. But don't forget, Buffy got her start in 1992 with the movie that puts her character squarely in Gen X and should have earned Paul Reubens an academy award for the epic death scene.

  7. Sinks were an option, but why waste valuable outdoor time going in for boring house water when delicious hose water was right there?

  8. Why risk going inside and having your mom decide its time to come in allofasudden

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