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  1. is she hungry? when my baby wakes up crying he wants food immediately

  2. No :( doesn’t always eat right away. Guessing either she’s a grump and doesn’t like being woken up or needs a longer nap. Might try 5h daytime sleep and see if it’s better

  3. What does POCC mean? Or is there anywhere to find a list of all the acronyms used in the sub?

  4. Going to work on compiling a list of acronyms commonly used in the sub!

  5. Thanks! I have been clueless for a while and just decided hey, let me ask even if it may be an obvious or dumb question. For the life of me, I’ve been playing mental wordle and scrabble since joining and only have blanks.

  6. How the sizing on these? I’ve never tried base pace do you take same size as your aligns, wunder train, etc?

  7. Where’d you end up finding yours used? Everywhere I’m looking has it marked up more than full price. 😕

  8. Just found out I’m pregnant and was waiting for this!!!

  9. Congratulations! Hope you were able to grab one 💗

  10. not sure if the flow y (several colors?) and align 23" in (bone, solar orange) are new, but added them. correct me if im wrong!

  11. the price is outrageous like what are they thinking...

  12. Smoked Spruce and Vintage Plum! Sold out really quick unfortunately

  13. Do prices include shipping? Interested in ebb to train. Does it have the pads?

  14. I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant and am looking for some comfy tights to get me through pregnancy and hopefully postpartum and beyond as well!

  15. I’d def go with the 8! I lived in my aligns during my pregnancy and only needed to size up near the end when the waistband was slipping. I never tried the SHR but those prob would’ve done better. Congrats mama! 💗

  16. Royal ballet collection was quite popular. I personally liked the feather prints done by Janaina Milheiro. That was for Black Friday 2016 if I recall correctly. The collabs with Central St Martins had some pretty prints but wasn’t enough for me to purchase.

  17. Came here to say this! The ballet collection was pretty popular and I liked many of the principal dancer items

  18. Thinking to pop by my local store and see if I can find bone! If I can will compare to white opal for you

  19. In case anyone else was waiting for it like me! I literally just ordered one send sale yest 🤦🏻‍♀️

  20. Either the Heathered Core Light Grey(?) or Trench, they both get the most wear out of all my Scubas and still look good

  21. Stupid question but how do i use it? I got the email too and it told me to log in and then just took me to my profile after that.

  22. Should be linked to your account! Guessing it’ll automatically apply when you go to check out

  23. I have the half zip! There’s a photo on my profile if you dig back. I also bought it bc it was marked down!

  24. Color looks red in your photo though. I’d guess the at ease hoodie in cassis?

  25. Probably! The tiger print from last year did and I feel like it had the same reception as the bunnies. Some love it and some think it’s trash 😂

  26. Got the bunny bag. I was also born in a year of the rabbit. I had pet bunnies in the backyard growing up. Bunnies are so cute. I couldn’t resist. Though, not sure how often I’ll often grab it to wear.

  27. me too! i had bunnies growing up, what breed(s) did you have?

  28. Weirdly enough, these have been available for weeks for some reason.

  29. totally buying it if/when it drops! not usually a camo girl but the bunny is so cute!

  30. Would you bundle with other items you have for sale?

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