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  1. They're both adorable! One of my babies (a lutino cockatiel, one year old) is also named Pumpkin! 💛🧡

  2. I did some intensive searching on this a couple of weeks ago, and it seems like the jury is out on this. There have been no confirmed cases of pet birds getting COVID from their owners, but we know birds can catch other coronaviruses from humans. I'd exercise caution, just as you would if someone in the house had a cold or flu.

  3. I love when they do the tailfeather zzzzip during preening!

  4. You could put a foraging tray on the ground or on the wall? I have seen some cool hanging ones from the ceiling too.

  5. My first cockatiel, Grace, absolutely destroyed my mom's remote one time. I've learned to store them (the remotes, not the cockatiels) upside-down since then. I've also learned that nothing can stop them from attacking keyboards. 😂

  6. Hey, this is exactly what I came here to ask about! Where can I get a bird bath like that? Asking for a couple of cockatiels. 😉

  7. I'm glad they're trying to do better, anyway. (Edited to add: I'm still not shopping there, until they actually do better, instead of just talking.)

  8. The fines businesses get for stealing are always less than the amount they stole. They are obligated to say that. Still a shitty business that wouldn't hesitate to exploit workers.

  9. Yeah, I'm not planning to give them my business again.

  10. "Little" - lol from a cockatiel person 😂

  11. Somebirdy has not forgotten his dinosaur heritage!

  12. That's a bit lower than the crop, I'd say. I'm glad he has a vet appointment. If you can get them to move you up, that'd be great, but since he's otherwise normal, I'm pretty hopeful that Saturday will be soon enough.

  13. I love the way they pivot their eyes forward when they get something they really like to eat. It's a little weird-looking, at least in-person, but also really cool that they can manage it!

  14. Wow, what luck! They're beautiful babies! 💙

  15. Is he interested in stealing your food? Because if so, that's an effective way to introduce things -- either let him "steal" fruit or veggie from your plate, or eat some fruit or vegetable you'd like him to try, and let him have a bite when he asks.

  16. Most of the cockatiels I've known have tended to kind of back up and open their beak a bit like they planned to bite, or else to put their beak on you like they were biting, but without pressure. More rarely--as in, fewer of them, but also not very often, really only if they were already in a bad mood--they'd hiss.

  17. Aww, what a sweetie! I hope he gets really good people who will mush up his chop and wet his pellets for him 💚

  18. I have a cockatiel who acts like my hands are VERY THREATENING when I paint my nails, poor guy.

  19. For a lutino who is through their first molt, you should be able to examine the under side of their primary wing feathers and tail. Females will generally have wing spots and tail stripes (hard to see, since they're yellow on white), while males' feathers will usually be solid-colored.

  20. Honestly, I was starting to develop an allergy to bird dust since I have 4 birds. I bought an air purifier and keep it around the tiels cage, it improved my quality of life by a lot. No more coughing, no more teary eyes. Don't know how aggressive your allergy is tho. Also, tiels are loud, can't do much about that. Bringing another one helped in my case, my first one became less noisy but obviously there are times in which they BOTH scream and sing.

  21. Fellow allergy sufferer, here, with a small amount of good news: air filters are good for the birds too!

  22. I found this little fella in my garden behind the gate.She seems to have injured her head? There’s spits of dried blood and a little bit around her nose too.She’s drinking and eating now she’s settled down and seems to be a bit sleepy.She’s flying and walking perfectly fine and seems to be tame,probably escaped or has been released by her owner.

  23. She definitely needs attention from an avian vet. That looks like an injury, and it could end up infected without antibiotics. A vet will also be able to check for internal injuries. To find a suitable vet, you can try the search terms "avian vet," "exotics vet," and even "bird vet."

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