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  1. So if I wanted to have a big hetero celebration or white people celebration you'd have absolutely no problem with that? If White Hetero Pride month was a thing and all the corporations rolled out a big deal over it and there were parades, you'd be down with that?

  2. Being a white heterosexual isn’t celebrated because they’ve never been oppressed by the world. There’s no country where heterosexual marriage is illegal.

  3. Omg what!!! Honestly this is what happens when things aren't moderated properly! Reddit, telgram etc and now this. Everywhere online is just exploitative and its disgusting to see things like this.

  4. I one time saw screenshots of a pedophile group on Telegram showing each other photos of famous TikTok toddlers.

  5. not to mention all the tiktok moms who post videos of their toddlers in tiny clothes. i saw a video the other day that had like 4 million views and 1 m saves. 1 million people saved that fucking video

  6. ONE MILLION SAVES???!!!!!!!! Whoever posted that is the shittiest parent in the world.

  7. As someone who also likes doing research, I highly recommend holding yourself to doing more research in person than online. Talk to friends with kids, check out the schools in your area, when someone talks about being a parent- if the vibe is right, open up and be curious about their experience. What bubbles up online is so often skewed, out of context or done in the heat of the moment. No experience should be considered from its lowest point.

  8. I do think it’s a bit better to talk to someone in real life than researching on the internet because it gives me less anxiety. My own mom says she didn’t hate being a parent of toddlers and older kids. She only hated the baby stage because my older sister was born with health problems and was colicky.

  9. She’s gonna pass out from a heart attack after finding out that Sesame Street has always been “political” and talked about world issues. It’d be hard to boycott it.

  10. These images make me wonder what really is the cause of scoliosis. These wild cases definitely don’t happen for no reason.

  11. born in 99, currently pregnant with my first. if it's a girl she will be Violet Esme or Violet Morgan. if it's a boy it'll be either Parker or Grayson, middle name Michael

  12. I think it's definitely location specific. I'm from the southern US, so young marriages and births are per the norm. Given that Gen Z can be as old as ~26, there are quite a few with kids where I'm from. I graduated in 2017 and I'd say over 50% of my class are married, have kids, or are married and have kids.

  13. I’m from a small country with less than five million people. Our birth rate is so low that it’s rare to see a pregnant person in public nowadays. I’m 23 and only one person I went to high school with became a parent in 2022.

  14. This isn’t a reach… you can not be white and spread white supremacist ideology.

  15. This is why I’ll never post a picture of myself on the public side of the internet again. Porn lovers sexualize women for absolutely anything.

  16. I agree that the mold sucks but the one in your image is the only exception, I love her and her lil hair tuft so much 😭❤️ This one on the other hand- 😖

  17. I actually think this pet is okay 😭😭 But I wouldn’t buy it. I got the blue one as a kid and I think she’s the only pretty one out of the mold.

  18. Because kids of good parents are more likely to open up to them. No shit, Sherlock.

  19. Is Jess exploiting her and setting her up as a target for hateful adults? Yes.

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