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  1. I record my son running the hills. I post it to YouTube just to have it. Once in a while I'll post it publicly or make an edit to post.

  2. Mine took quite a while to ship from Joom from when I originally purchased it to Canada. Also note, that you will get spammed to hell and back from Joom, so set your filters to get rid of the junk once your Flipper comes in.

  3. I am only a few weeks in as an owner of the 7x and it is huge, but I bought it because of that fact. Haven't had any issues sleeping yet, but ya, some of the shirts I wear are a little tight in the wrist area. Doesn't really bother me too much though. In terms of "ugly", I have the white/blue (whatever their marketing name is) and I love the look.

  4. Because companies aren’t people and shouldn’t have more rights than people?

  5. So what a few suits who have never worked a day in their lives want is more important than what the millions of employees want?

  6. 🤣 yes. Those guys who are born as CEOs and business owners. I wish I could be born a business owner and never have to work my way up to.

  7. I feel like my Para 3 is the perfect size.

  8. Agreed. The Para 3 is my daily and feels perfect in the pocket.

  9. Until Barrie can actually get their roads and road maintenance under control, maybe we should stop all the expansion! Can't drive anywhere these days without destroying your car.

  10. Going to guess Gold belt? They didn't have that though when I took it.

  11. and tons of open spots around. Why do we keep posting this BS. Is he hurting your feelings? Does it hurt you in your safe space? He/she's not hurting anyone, give it a rest.

  12. As it should be, the last thing we need is a bunch of jackasses shooting at people because of a catalytic converter

  13. You would have a lot less people stealing catalytic converters though. Lol

  14. Also if you want a great deep way to contemplate life, check out Barrie Float Tank. Floating is amazing.

  15. Looks like a speed bump to me. Love the entitlement that she gives you attitude when she is the one crossing illegally. This is the exact issue with people today. I will do what I want because I am more important than everyone, then go and bitch about not be able to.

  16. I don’t have that watch, but I’ve seen pictures of it and I stopped scrolling when I saw this, thinking it was the Tag

  17. These days everything looks like something else. Very few original car designs, watch designs, and everything else. But I generally wouldn't look at a Seiko watch, but this caught my eye for the same reason.

  18. Yes. That happens with phones and most things. But I can’t and doubt I’ll ever be able to afford an original TagHeuer so this is the closest I can get. And yes, I basically just use regular watches for weekends at home. I use smartwatch for most of the time.

  19. The seiko is a beautiful watch. I don't know that I would purchase a normal watch anymore since I haven't worn a non digital in forever. But there have been a few that made me turn my head. I had a Submariner that I sold a few years ago that I made a decent profit on, but most watches these days do not retain much value, so why go nuts? I used to collect watches, but these days I generally stick to my Garmin or Apple watch, although the apple watch doesn't see much action anymore.

  20. Also people just make mistakes no matter skill level. Whoops I lost my edge on a covered patch of ice and fell on my but. Oh no! I should just move to Florida now

  21. I've been skiing for more than 40 years and in December 2020 had a bad wipeout on a "green" (my fault) and broke my tibia, 2 years later, 12 titanium screws a plate and post all the way down from the knee to the ankle later and I am almost walking properly again. It can happen to anyone. Can't wait to hopefully get back out next season though. The last 2 years of no skiing has really not helped the winter blues. Snowshoeing did a little though. :)

  22. When every f'ing product I buy is plastic, including the 4 plastic bags I get with 1 bag of milk, the fact that they are worrying about the bags that we bring our garbage home is the wrong freaking thing to be worrying about! It's just another cash grab for the stores. We were paper in the 70s/80s and we got rid of paper because we were worried about the trees. So what will we be worried about with these stupid bags in 20/30 years? I guess I should start using these for garbage and litter and leave them on government officials driveways?

  23. I'm literally now having to buy small garbage bags because I used to use my grocery bags for litter changes and never have any. It's just plastic coming from another source.

  24. Exactly!! Most of us used them for garbage, litter etc. So they were never single use.

  25. Just got a Garmin a week or 2 ago. It will be interesting to see my stress levels on average for times I am in meetings vs times I am just doing regular work. :) Is there a way to export the data to CSV or something for further analysis in Excel is we are feeling geeky enough?

  26. If women can have absolutely ridiculous requirements, why can't this dude?

  27. What ridiculous requirements? Have a partner that will be non abusive and treat their partner with respect are ridiculous? I mean tinder is riddled with fake profiles and weird echo chambers of unrealistic expectations so if you’re measuring people on their dating preferences based off of a small percentage of peoples bios then you’re going to have a tough time with dating

  28. Luckily, I am not in the online dating pool and have been happily married for 20 years, but all I see and hear about are women looking for men who are 6 feet plus, have crazy high paying jobs, and expect them to pay for everything.

  29. This. The question was what is the cheapest way. This is probably the cheapest way. Not the easiest, but the cheapest.

  30. If someone pours water on my bbq, we are going to have 1 less person around. Just close up the vents and be done. :) Get rid of the ash prior to next light and reuse whatever charcoal is left. At the end of the season, if I know it may be my last cook for a month or 3, I will just let them burn themselves out, and then shopvac the Egg the next day and close it up.

  31. Also, if it is after May and you are in Simcoe County forests, you also have to contend with dirt bikes. So you may want to check with OFTR and get a list of their maps/trails to avoid.

  32. I almost smoke a large dog with a branch on a trail as there was a giant wolf looking dog and no one around coming towards my son and I. I love dogs, have no issues with them and generally are not concerned by a random dog, but this thing was huge and looked more wolf like. Then a few seconds later, people come wandering looking for their dog. I get that people want to let their dogs off leash, but if it isn't walking beside you at ALL times, then it should only be off leash at a dog park. If you want more freedom, head up to crown land where there is less likelihood of running into people.

  33. Which clip did you go with. I have the Para 2 with the same scales and same blade steel

  34. I have always wanted to get ahold of a flipper0. I hope to get one if you know anybody

  35. agreed, if you want to get one, and are in the US, the easiest way is to listen in the discord for when they are in stock. They have recently implemented an anti-scalper program, so that may help.

  36. Apparently the mall, and all stores are these days. I see people bringing the dogs in everywhere. I need to start bringing my cats and pet birds everywhere…

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