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  1. Everyday I get: can I have the refresher? BRuh which fucking one?

  2. If you've never seen Shutter Island, I recommend that to everyone

  3. I remember being scared of people with full sleeves as a kid (I think I associated them with criminals) but one day I saw a guy with a full sleeve of Doctor Who tats and I figured he couldn't possibly be evil

  4. My store is big on that. I’m not one to decaf but I have seen a guy get rinse watered 😭 only person who truly deserved the decaf was the guy who is a regular and known for putting his GF in the hospital multiple times

  5. I did that to someone who assaulted someone I know. Never came back again.

  6. It's because you ordered matcha. Hope this helps

  7. Are we being asked to upsell now? I’m on vacation and maybe missing out LOL

  8. Oh yeah, my partner got written up because they weren't upselling enough

  9. They're not gonna bring it back for the two people a month who order it. We always dumped 95% full bottles

  10. or just get off your fat ass and come inside to order the gift card design you want instead of me middle manning it for you

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