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  1. How about the Automoderator posts at the top of every goddamn thread. I don't need a wall of your super special guidelines on every meme I look at.

  2. Os cara não entende piada kkkkkkk redditor é foda

  3. Qual foi o outro? Teve Mario+rabbids mas esse foi no ps5, não? Ou foi no Switch?

  4. Mario no PS5 bro? Kkkkkk a Nintendo jamais deixaria

  5. Dublador rala e estuda mó tempão pra dublar novela mexicana no SBT, aí vem subcelebridades e dublam filme .

  6. Look out,Arkham! The storm that is approaching is RIGHT BEHIND YOU,oh god oh fuck

  7. While these are clearly fake, I know a few people that these would fit.

  8. I would buy these for my friends ironically

  9. The idea that Saiyans get stronger when they get the shit kicked out of them was so stupid I actually thought, for years, that it was from a Team 4 Star parody.

  10. Makes sense for a warrior race. But it's easily exploitable, they could just keep almost killing each other and giving senzu beans or wishing to become healthy

  11. I've seen people IN THIS VERY SUB being like "Oh, but I'll still buy Diablo", like dude, that's how they get away with this stuff.

  12. Because, outside of Twitter, nobody cares. If a game is good or hyped enough it will sell

  13. I'm totally down for this, my only request is that it looks "even"

  14. That's because it is. It's clearly only for Brownie points

  15. The people on this sub , who else? If they stay silent the pushback would be massive

  16. I stopped reading because it became a generic Shounen. It stopped parodying the genre and went all in. Also, Saitama disappears for a long while, and I don't really care about that Kid or Shine whatever his name is

  17. Compra aqueles refletores de papelão e cola na janela. Vai refletir boa parte da luz solar

  18. Dos filmes q ainda vão lançar esse ano, os q eu mais quero ver são Jogos Mortais 10 e Flash. Mas entre esses da enquete, é o miranha 2 sem dúvida

  19. Filme de boneco kkkkkkk da DC ainda povo não aprende

  20. /uj i hope this is fake, cus if it’s not it’s fucking disgusting

  21. /uj it's fake, I made this in Photoshop around January of 2021

  22. Céu de chapisco é algo que só vemos no Brasil

  23. I love Nintendo games, I hate Nintendo as a company. Their hardware is also very underpowered and expensive. The best way to enjoy their games is by emulating.

  24. With how successful the switch is, I doubt they'll get a powerful console anytime soon

  25. FWIH her old VA was a pain to work with and for budget reasons she couldn't recast her in Yakuza 3.

  26. I heard that the writers for Yakuza 3 just didn't know what to do with her, so they just sent her back to her home planet

  27. Eu acho superestimado demais, igual todos do Peele

  28. Yeah but I'll gladly pay for the dumbass, who btw saved a skunk not played with it, if this means that my cancer or whatever disease i might get will also be paid for. Even if it wasn't I'd still prefer paying for the dumbass compared to him dying because of one mistake.

  29. Exactly, I like not going bankrupt because I fell down a staircase.

  30. I use it ironically, making fun of incels/redpill dudes. Oh God, I probably came off as misogynistic lmao

  31. Abandonei Mandalorian agora na terceira, e pelo visto fiz certo, não tankei o Grogu jogando Paintball e dando pirueta.

  32. Mandalorian era tão legal por que não tinha Star Wars quase. Não tinha Jedi, Sith, Império, Aliança.

  33. Propaganda de margarina é galhofa demais até para os padrões dele

  34. Eu lembro dos nerdoffices antigos que eles se gabavam de recusar jabá de produto merda, prezando pela reputação deles.

  35. Os caras fazem propaganda pra político, vc quer oq pior que isso?

  36. Se é propaganda contra o Bolsonaro, pode

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