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  1. if you live by the stadium it could be the fireworks. they use them after every game so it's not uncommon to hear gunshot-like sounds near it

  2. You are correct, but I live North Salisbury closer to Delmar. It happens during the day and at night as well. And it’s not even baseball season. I think it might be coming from one of the farms close to here.

  3. "Father Hartman, why exactly is having a pet rock considered 'demonic'?"

  4. Let he who is without sin cast the first pet rock.

  5. I really would love a proper closure from them as the end of them 3 making this stupid car show thing together.

  6. It would be interesting if the end of the Grand Tour was very similar to the beginning. They start out in the desert with a party, they each give their speeches, they drive off in the very same cars they arrived in. They get back to England, take taxis back to their homes and the parting shot is a split screen three shot of them all just closing the door.

  7. I would love to work from home. I think it would be so nice to not have to pack a lunch or dress professionally, among other things.

  8. I’ve been working from home since 2013. And while it does have the perks you’ve mentioned (casual clothing, not packing lunches, etc.), it can be lonely. I miss the social interaction of the workplace. I, personally like to dress up a bit. I can still do that at home, but why.

  9. All fun and games until the fuse blows. Had that happen once in my 300zx when I was 16 and had a cop following me. All of a sudden no idea how fast I was going.

  10. MYbe that’s why they ask that question now.

  11. I use honey, powdered peanut butter, walnuts, and a banana in plain oatmeal. It’s delicious.

  12. I’d say, if you can muster up the loan…go to trade school. Become a plumber or electrician or what have you. Typically you get on the job training and decent benefits from the start. You can start as an apprentice and in a few short years, you could have your own business.

  13. It is. I also like the SG brown rope. Can you reccommend any others I should try?

  14. Half your age +7 is (or was) the general rule.

  15. Yeah plus when you hate foreigners it's called xenophobia, which I always thought was understandable cause xenomorphs are scary as fuck

  16. Cool! I worked at Hechinger's in the late 1980s.The number in the lower left is the store number. 65 was the one in Glen Burnie where I worked, where the self storage is now (6704 Ritchie Highway).

  17. Alpha bravo Charlie echo delta? Just joshing. It looks great. Love the ink color.

  18. I’m an aviation engineer, so these words are my alphabet 🙂

  19. Oh I get it. The phonetic alphabet. I was joking kingly pointing out that delta is supposed to come before echo.

  20. It really does. I’m still working on a lid I bought in bulk in 2017.

  21. The country squire. Any of their middle earth themed tobaccos are good. As well as others.

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