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  1. Why would she be perpetually tired if she is always drinking the juice? Maybe a reactive skin that gets cracked out when she pounds a slap drink.

  2. she's not allowed to drink the slap she delivers to people

  3. This is really cool! Do any concepts like this actually make it into the game?

  4. wow actual good concepts. slap girl and vacation reaper are both really cool (although i don't think a reaper alt could ever work in the item shop, since the original is a BP skin)

  5. Slap girl, but not tired. She has all the energy drinks she could ever want.

  6. she's not allowed to drink the merchandaise

  7. gojo be giving off this kind of face

  8. Fortnite players try not to make a female character concept (they will never interact with women)

  9. please don't project yourself onto me

  10. I don't want to ruin the mood but isn't this just isabelle but cat?

  11. alicia is directly inspired by her so in a sense, yes lol. her description on twitter also states that she's a student that idolizes her

  12. the chrome punk set when i was already level 300 lmao

  13. i am actually shocked that my shitpost somehow found its way in this video

  14. I wonder how she’d react upon meeting Helsie, the Bobarista?


  16. the second style is too bulky, you could make a iced coffee can type of costume concept

  17. that sketch wasn't intended to be an edit style lol

  18. i assume zero because he's the literal embodiment of the zero point (aka the origin of the omniverse, which probably includes the marvel multiverse and everything included in OP's post)

  19. You make really good points! Hmm, this might be an unpopular option, maybe paradigm to?

  20. yeah, probably. I guess any character in general that can control the zero point is a contender for being one of the strongest characters in the game lol

  21. Amazing concept. The glider could be a map. Think of the bubble wrap glider but a map lol

  22. honestly that's a great idea, i probably should've made one aaa

  23. Thank you very much, I'm honored that somebody actually made a model of my stuff

  24. i definitely want it, its a guinea pig bird hybrid thingy lol

  25. Are we talking regular Guff or the Christmas ones? I think the Christmas ones have been particularly sweaty these past few months.

  26. idk why but everytime i encounter christmas guffs in trios or squads, they are somehow more coordinated than the literal seal team six and that frightens me

  27. oh yeah that'll probably be added in the future

  28. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners would seem more likely, though I guess technically that would be CD Projekt Red's call.

  29. either that or they censor the KLK outfits like they did with cammy

  30. It seems the general consensus agrees! This skin is a win! Now how do we officially submit it to Epic? 🤔 Also I love how all the comments from others are so supportive! Feels good to be part of this community! 🤗

  31. Reminds of Ch2 S1, when the battlepass had a similar theme of "Vs." skins.

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