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  1. I get what you're saying. I think physique matters a lot, but there are many other factors that can make up for if, and Mox has them. I don't mean charisma either. But a smaller guy can feel intimidating with how they carry themselves. Daniel Bryan Danielson is a great example of someone smaller who wrestles in a way that can convince you he can beat larger guys. Rey's quickness was another. Mox is such a mean SOB that his lack of physique isn't as big a deal.

  2. I really really agree with what you're saying especially BD, she's compact but he's also lean and muscular you can tell he's a mean bastard and looks dangerous,

  3. I don't watch AEW anymore, but his physique wasn't a factor to me at all. Again, the way he carried himself covered up what you're saying he's lacking. In a weird comparison, look at Goldberg. He's always been built. But what made him unique wasn't his wrestling, mic skills, or his look. Or was how he carried himself in the ring. He had a charisma without speaking. Despite WCW having many people with better physiques, he was imposing because he took to the ring like a F'n beast. 5 seconds of him staring his opponent down from across the ring made you believe he could tear anyone apart.

  4. Not really talking about the organization as much as I am a tiny meaningless sports decision that literally does not affect a single real person being front page news every other day of the week.

  5. But it has happened in several sports (Fallon Fox in MMA for example), and it's a hot button topic that will draw readers. I agree it's blown out of proportion, but I recognize why that is.

  6. I wasn't suggesting such a thing. If anything, I was asking for the opposite of a gym for just one type of person

  7. Hey OP. I understand your anxiety, and share it. My recommendation is to actually visit the places recommended here and look for a tour. Instagram photos are marketing, and don't represent the typical gym goer. Walk through, and you'll meet the people in charge, and you'll likely find the right vibe.

  8. I stopped following what culture after he left. Not because of a boycott, but other than the buff bald guy, no one else was interesting. Adam was knowledgeable and funny. I can't say anyone else I've tried watching has really been engaging.

  9. Nobody at Whatculture now, bar Simon, has ANY talent or redeeming qualities for being on camera/voice over: absolute charisma vacuum.

  10. Yeah. The other guys are pretty dorky and annoying. Not funny or interesting. I dunno, not my thing, but I know they are popular... So be it

  11. He did 4 stand up comedy albums, and the first couple were stellar. Genius, in my opinion. Let's get small and Wild and Crazy Guy, I found the albums on vinyl (bad condition though) so I could hang them like posters on my wall.

  12. This might be the first big miss of the HHH era. Looks pretty cheesy to me, especially the flames.

  13. As an adult I hated how they did Bret. Actually, it’s fine how they did Bret as long as we would’ve gotten that Bret vs. Hogan SummerSlam ‘93 main event (with Bret going over). I hate the fact that we never got that match in WWF - despite Vince supposedly wanting it - because it fucked over Bret (again) especially watching WMIX again, knowing he’d never get his shot against Hogan.

  14. You weren't a stupid kid. I think the argument is that your adult perspective is more stupid. You're old enough to understand why they went the direction they did, and you let it bother you.

  15. I hear you but I am not letting it bother me. So in that regard, I think it’s a bit harsh to call my adult perspective “stupid”. I’m just having a conversation about what I would’ve preferred.

  16. I wasn't really trying to imply you're stupid. I was just continuing with the wording you chose to use. I meant no harshness or offense.

  17. I was there live, and in the top section closer to the entrance. The sound was terrible live, at least from there. Much better experience on video.

  18. It's how I feel it should have always been. It's why I didn't understand the complaints about the part time champ reigns of Brock or Roman. Title matches should be special, and weekly title defenses can hurt that effect. I think the attitude era spoiled fans into expecting the top stars every week, but that's a huge liability long term.

  19. So does this guy not like it when movie critics apply ratings/scores to movies?

  20. I would guess the difference is that there are many critics out there, to the point that there are sites that give an average rating based on several critics and publications.

  21. Cagematch exists, Wrestling With Wregrets, tons of critics for wrestling exist.

  22. I didn't say other sites don't exist. I said that the other ratings that are available aren't as widely known, compared to how Dave is the "be all end all". To continue the movie review comparison, Siskel and Ebert were the Dave Meltzers of their time, but there was still Leonard Maltin, Pauline Kael, Rex Reed, Gene Shalit...etc.

  23. Mainstream wrestling is a combination of a lot of factors. When you have a dominant 2 year hulk of a champ like Roman, and when people like Brock, Braun and Drew have failed to unseat him, the undersized underdog gets an emotional attachment from the audience. So that's one thing.

  24. I'm gonna catch some heat for this, but I don't think his booking is that different from Vince so far.

  25. I don't agree all your points, but I do feel the online reaction to HHH is weird because of things Vince deserves the credit for. The product is definitely better right now, but as a viewer at home watching, I can't say that the things I'm enjoying wouldn't have existed without HHH in charge. Vince started the Bloodline, Sami, and even the Cody title push. I have no idea if the story we are getting is what Vince would have done, but he put those pieces in play in the exact spots we're looking at.

  26. We largely agree, but on your last point about the wrestling quality not changing much, I think the biggest thing is matches get the right amount of time now (though sometimes commercials absolutely murder them).

  27. I don't really care about the length of matches, as long as I'm enjoying what's being delivered. I don't get into AEW, and a big reason is almost every match is treated liked it's a PPV contest that goes longer than necessary. Some matches shouldn't go long. If it's 4 minutes, or 24 minutes, as long as the story works, I don't care. So, that's not a factor for me with the match length under HHH as there's still a good balance.

  28. His going to kick Rey's leg out of his leg.

  29. Any time I've tried to give them a shot, I find myself losing interest due to the lame stories or characters. It's been a couple of years (I stopped a few months after the AEW tie ins ended), but I didn't get Eddie Edwards as a top Babyface, Sami Callahan as a main event threat, and a bunch of other things. Maybe it's actually better now, I can't say. But what I enjoyed about impact in that early pandemic era was how they used the lack of crowds to their advantage better than the other promotions did. I really enjoyed the shared house stuff. Once the crowds started coming back, to the shows seemed less interesting.

  30. This was probably right before my time as a fan. I don’t ever recall him being IC champ. Was he wearing the belt because he stole from someone?

  31. I'm guessing it's after WrestleMania 6, when the title was vacant and there was a tournament for it. It's the only time I can think of where he was in this role and in a position to hold the title in the ring.

  32. SummerSlam 88, British Bulldogs vs Fabulous Rougeau Bros. In the weird non workrate era of WWF, these teams found a way to meld together a great wrestling match with WWF theatrics to deliver a time limit draw.

  33. I was there live. Crowd loved it, but I was bored. I recognize how popular NXT was in this era, and how AEW follows that match type, but it's stuff like this that has me start wondering if I was going to enjoy wrestling anymore. As I type this, I'm 41 and have been watching since 1987. This match exemplifies that more often than ever, matches are overly choreographed for my taste, and look less and less like a fight. I don't mean that it all has to be realistic, but so much time and effort was put into setting up for planned spots.

  34. To be completely fair. The nut shut had nothing to do with the loss. That was clearly going to happen regardless, dude didn't even attempt to get up or out of the poorly applied choke. The appeal goes nowhere.

  35. Not only was he kneed in the nuts, but he was trying to get the refs attention about it. That's when the takedown took place. Incredible to think the foul had no effect. Seriously, you're way off.

  36. My problem with it is how it went unaddressed. I do my best not to get into conspiracies, but the foul and the lack of commentary about it seems odd. Especially with how many others saw it. Usually when the announce team misses something, they get told in their headset. But not a word about it, despite all the replays.

  37. New promotional Midnight something something. They did a commercial for it earlier in there prelims.

  38. I'm sorry I could ever commit the cardinal sin of not enjoying every show the WWE puts on.

  39. Yep that's exactly what I said. Again, try to enjoy.

  40. No I'm not being obtuse just because the SquaredCircle subreddit disagrees lmfao grow up

  41. Ok buddy. Enjoy (or try to) raw tomorrow.

  42. Because Cody will lose his momentum as a top baby face and people will be clamoring for him to turn heel after his schtick gets tired.

  43. Maybe. I think that would be the case with any Babyface though. It's really hard to keep a face interesting.

  44. you realize that sometimes fans are meant to infuence booking decisions as well? its what led to the best runs like Cm Punk, Daniel Bryan. they clearly had another opportunity for that here. the audience is a great part of what makes the story.

  45. No, I don't realize that. Fans are fans. No other entertainment medium is like what you're claiming, and neither should wrestling. WWEs job is to please the fans, and they should listen to the fans. But they shouldn't be directed by fans. Big difference.

  46. It’s not about replicating. It’s continuing an awesome storyline without disrupting Cody’s story.

  47. I know you want Sami at mania in the main event, but it just doesn't make sense to have a guy who's had no big wins get that spot, while diluting the moment for Cody. Your emotions aren't invalid, but they are illogical.

  48. That chant, but then cheering "Shotzi" 30 seconds later, gave me a good laugh.

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