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  1. This will be able to play games like the forest and ARMA without issue? I appreciate you sending me the build

  2. Huh I don’t have a monitor that can support 4K anyways. That very well be the way to go, I assume I can install windows on it then? I appreciate you making me aware of this alternative!

  3. Overclocking is letting the CPU/GPU go above its stated limit and be more powerful, but it can cause overheating issues.

  4. Really appreciate the build and the information! Someone in another thread suggested a Intel NUC 10.. some kind of Micro computer system? What are the drawbacks to something like this? It was significantly cheaper than a built PC and I’m tempted to save money but I also don’t want to lose significant performance and I’ve never heard of a system like that before. Any insights?

  5. Intel NUC 10 is a small and prebuilt mini computer. They generally do not have a GPU, and rely on a CPU Graphics chip to do rendering. They are, well, obviously weaker than a desktop PC, but they are not that weak. They are not built for gaming, just editing and workstations. If you want to game, go with a Desktop PC. Their main selling point is 4k Streaming and 4k video editing.

  6. He’d lose a fight with that dog so fuckin quick.

  7. Do you guys ever realize that you’re the only ones that even talk about covid anymore, and then feel embarrassed? Even for a fleeting moment? Because it’s embarrassing.

  8. My account is 8 years old, I was a kid when I made that name. But… good one?

  9. I thought the vaccines were going to kill everyone? How many times do you people have to be wrong before you realize that you aren’t onto anything?

  10. My grandfather worked at a shop back in the 70’s, doing refrigeration I believe. Anyways, they had big empty metal drums that used to be filled with gasoline, one of the employees decided to turn them into trash cans using a cold chisel. Before he began he decided to make sure there wasn’t any remaining gas fumes in the tanks… by dropping a match at into them. As you probably can guess, the man blew himself up. My grandfather heard a loud bang and ran outside to see the man flat on his back, knocked out cold. Not only did he drop a match into a confined space that held gasoline, he didn’t even have to good sense to duck away while doing so.

  11. Damn I think I'm going to miss this one due to heading out for Mexico tomorrow morning.

  12. If you want you can give me your ticket to Mexico and I’ll take the hit while you stay home and play the conquest

  13. Weight loss isn't always obvious on bigger people. I've lost somewhere around 40 lbs and honestly didn't even see a difference in myself before I noticed my pants were too big

  14. Yeah same! I was wondering to myself why I wasnt making any progress after starting a diet, in my mind I looked the exact same, tried on some old pants to make sure they still didn’t fit before giving them away, they fit! Weighed myself after that and I’m down 40 pounds. I don’t see any difference at all.

  15. I just saw a post on a pro gun subreddit saying that dark times are ahead for gun owners. Dark times. Unlike the fantastic times we live in now where children are being killed at school.

  16. I’m Canadian & I’m opposed to gun control. Trust me, you don’t want to go the Canadian way.

  17. How many elementary school kids have been shot to death in Canada? Just wondering.

  18. Snow owl or daedon. Heal while it starved to death. Snow owl far better, uses less food.

  19. Will the Daedon heal more than one with the same efficiency? I just hatched a lightning wyvern egg and got 3 babies from it which I didn’t know was possible

  20. What is going on with these shitty servers lately? Can’t even get through a 3 inning game without being disconnected from the show online. How embarrassing for a AAA company.

  21. Getting an unhandled server error message everytime I try to enter mini seasons. Is this happening to anyone else? I’m one win away from finishing

  22. I heard that this happens when you lose a game in the first series.

  23. I'm tired of all the people in here that worship sds, every content decision so far this year is such a mammoth step back from the last few years

  24. I got jumped on early for saying that the loss of TA was a huge hit to content that didn’t bode well for this years game. All of these moves seem like an effort to minimize the quality of team you can achieve without paying money.

  25. the game has been out for a month…. did you want a 99 J Ram that is impossible to get out? lmao

  26. Why does everyone say this shit when someone complains? Clearly no one wants a 99 this early in the year and you idiots need to stop with that strawman. People are complaining because Rizzo is in a stacked position, he’s underpowered compared to the competition, he’s a lower rated lightning card than last years first card, and he doesn’t deserve it. Pretty simple.

  27. Is say to play on all the maps at once but I guess that’s not super easy to do on non-dedicated.

  28. Playing on Lost Island atm, I would highly suggest that or Ragnorok. If you’ve only played the island, Lost Island has some creatures from gen and stuff with a beautiful map while rag also has a gorgeous map but with a bit less new creatures.

  29. Also I heard lost island had issues when it came out, are you having problems with it? I assume they’ve been fixed since it’s been out for a while. Me and my friend are on series x

  30. Why even talk to him? Imagine how stupid he would feel standing there like that desperate for attention and everyone just pretends he doesn’t exist

  31. There’s some kind of server error issue to where I can’t get in to play that mode. Impacting lots of people.

  32. I just played though most of the playoffs, got one win away from finishing and then I got slapped with this error. I had no idea it was a long standing issue.

  33. The show released on Xbox gamepass last year.

  34. 100%. I was always really into basketball and football, decided to try the show out last year and now baseball is the sport that I follow most, NBA playoffs are on now and I’m still watching jays games instead.

  35. Yes delete the save data. Next to the map in the selection/settings screen there will be a small icon. Hovering over it will show its description.

  36. Okay do I load into the server to do this?

  37. Yes he is! The vet expected hyperthyroidism which can have nearly the same symptoms. Very surprised to hear it was diabetes, but he’s taking his insulin shots like a champ.

  38. I wanted to make this post in part to show off my beautiful cat, but also to make people aware of diabetes in cats. He never seemed ‘sick’, always very happy and playful as usual. I thought I could feel his spine more than usual about a month ago but I thought it was in my head since he’s always been a slim cat.. I then noticed an increased enthusiasm for human food, but assumed it was due to him not liking his new veterinary food. Luckily I decided to call, turns out his blood glucose levels were so high that the poor guy wasn’t able to get the nutrients he needed out of his food. If you notice these symptoms in your cat please don’t hesitate to bring him to the vet.

  39. Unlike Titanic and Britannic, both of whom sunk, the Olympic served out a full career, sailing until 1935.

  40. My great great grandfather sailed on RMS Olympic on his way to the First World War. Out of Halifax. Must have been an experience.

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