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  1. Wow Russia just couldn't continue sustaining those 1000+ dead orcs a day for another month so we're down to 500+ which is still a lot.

  2. This decline is all weather related. Once the snow melts and the ground firms up and the Ukrainians start manoeuvre warfare ruskie losses will spike again.

  3. Just wait till we start seeing T-54 Turrets flying.

  4. t54 turret is lighter so may get sone additional height?

  5. Assume the tank hadn’t had the chance to fire off any ammo yet. Nice full belly of ammo in the magazine. Makes big boom.

  6. I'm convinced these daily updates are pure trolling at this point. They literally highlight the incompetence of Russia every day simply to enrage the Kremlin =)

  7. They manage to say it in such a dry and factual way. Pure British.

  8. You can imagine those sick fucks will somehow be using this in their propaganda… Russian public being spoonfed ridiculous shit yet again

  9. Trump and Prigozhin have something in common…

  10. Snow blizzard not getting in the way of pounding those artillery pieces. Nice.

  11. If we assume approx 25k losses for the month this equates to about 360 losses of personnel per kilometre

  12. Wait till you find out who is running the UN Security Council shit show as of tomorrow. April 1st. You would never guess…. Ruzzia

  13. Softening then up before the big counteroffensive...

  14. SUMMARY: In the past year, emerging countries such as India and South Africa have been pussyfooting around Putin in ways that serve their own narrow self-interest. They’ve been through searching examinations of conflict, self-determination and nationalism, instead of leading based on foundational international principles.

  15. Do you really think they will pay those bonuses?

  16. West rolls around on floor laughing hysterically

  17. Gandalf enters the fight; slaughters an entire army of swarming orcs himself. Oh to see that...

  18. Maybe they didn’t reach their destination… but o bet there are a whole lot of nervous sailors in Sevastopol tonight… round 2 anyone?

  19. If they are taking out t54… does that mean they have run out of spare t72 and t62?

  20. That is what you call heavy equipment losses

  21. Those t55 look superficially at least in better condition than a lot of the t72 shit we have seen from the Russian?

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