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  1. My tip would be to familiarise how to use the calculator to its best ability. There is a lot that the calculator can do that they do not teach. You can essentially almost check all of your answers through the calculator if you have a TI NSPIRE. Being smooth with the calculator makes it much easier to do the exam.

  2. Hi, I'm sorry paper 1 didn't go well but it sounds like this was the same for a lot of people. Hopefully IB will take this into account and lower the grade boundaries.

  3. ok thank u! and what about the case studies? do u have any advice for that and which ones/how many I need to know?

  4. Am I the only person in the world who did question 1 for timezone B? I made the “significance of a journey” about one’s “journey in life” and essentially discussed fate vs free will. Is this valid? Did anyone else do something other than question 3 😅

  5. Not all time zones have the same paper, they have different papers actually. For example, for time zone A english p1 has an infographic about bicycles and an article, but for zone C we had an infographic about saving and a transcript about empathy

  6. Send them. There is no point in not sending your scores. They can help you get credits for required classes. Trust me

  7. Hey, I emailed them yesterday with the same concern. They said it is expected that students not only take the exams but also send the results in regardless of whether they want to receive extra credit or not. But I have the same concern as you. I am scared that my results will be really bad and they will revoke my offer.

  8. aw man i’m so scared. has your coordinator already requested ib to send the marks directly to ur uni? or do u have to do that once u get results?

  9. Sameeee I just wanna get it over with. I’m not doing much for anything but for some reason I’m excited to the exams idk why but my brain probably replaced any other emotions with excitement GETTING CLOSER TO FINISH SCHOOL LETS GO BRO YOU CAN DO THIS

  10. It’s fine, very similar to the fenty hydrating primer. Silicone type feeling. The bottle is massive and will take forever to use up. I wouldn’t repurchase only because I prefer really hydrating primers. But it was fine, did the job. It didn’t break me out but I don’t have particularly sensitive skin.

  11. you don't even have to remember the names to get full marks (according to ib psych examiner from my school), also, i can send you some well done notes (according to others in this sub), what you need is aim, procedure, results and evaluation from the studies + definitions etc ofc

  12. some lucky freshmen had Woodside as their dorms where they have private bathrooms for each rooms (which are all doubles)

  13. i met my roommate through instagram but besides that... absolutely nothing

  14. how exactly did u reach out to people? i want to but i’m just not sure how to start the conversation

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