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Current S&P500 compared to 1970, 2008 and 2001 (Log Scale)

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  1. Betting against the spread on Ohio State and Notre Dame has done well for me over the years…

  2. I would look at crabs related to stone crabs. This looks like a variation of those, probably for colder water..claws are probably good eating…

  3. Wordens rooster tails- that actually looks like a knockoff, but they are very effective for trout.

  4. In florida- high probability it was a shark or big stingray. I would lead heavily towards shark- breaking 50lb line to a shark is nothing

  5. If it is in florida and they have been partyin- should be fine…I mean what can go wrong??

  6. Are there good theometers to take to the stream to check water temps? I went to a few different streams this weekend and they felt like wildly different temps to me.

  7. Certainly not scientific, but if you wet wade and your feet go no feeling a short ways in- I see that as a good sign.

  8. Most of high tech looks to operate at 20%+ growth. They want to use their money to invest in things returning at that level. Paying out a few percent div makes no sense as they could reinvest back into the business. Alternatively, they will invest in other high tech growth companies either as an investor or as an acquisition. As a tech company becomes more mature (think large), the high growth becomes more challenging to achieve and you might see a dividend show up (see apple or microsoft).

  9. Juvenile rainbow or cutthroat- hard to tell with this angle. Both will have those black spot markings when young.

  10. I normally remove skin, pork will be fine. Downside is skin takes away a lot of your bark- that is the major reason I remove.

  11. I feel like that northern run is only possible for like 2 summer months…

  12. Been out here for last two weeks- big cutts have been crazy. Not sure if I have been lucky or if that fishery really recovered during covid.

  13. Ya, can always grab a drink or cigar. Classic move is walk in from beach and hit hottub, but that has been more locked down over the years…

  14. Paris sucks, MGM Grand has a lot more bachelor party energy. I would go Planet Hollywood over Paris as an alternate idea.

  15. A lot of times it is just people with more money. I have a lot of cash on the sidelines, but that wasnt the case when I was younger and didnt have as much. If you have a million in cash it is easy to keep $500k in really safe stuff and $500k in the market. If you have $10k, you are barely in the market even with 100% allocation.

  16. Invent time machine and short euro a year ago, then destroy time other uses for it..

  17. Are those sounding better then the salons? I am sure they have a bigger sound stage, but I feel like the salons would have better sound?

  18. TV is way too small for this setup IMO. I’d probably have an 85” on that wall at the minimum. The rest is nice 😁

  19. Finally somebody asks about tires and they actually still look good. Feel like every other ask the tire is about to explode…

  20. Glad I got these 5ft tower speakers, if only they could be taller…

  21. Used Panamax’s on ebay. $50-$100 isnt crazy to have something between the wall and your equipment. Buying them for like $500+ new, seems a bit crazy to me…

  22. I think the difference is that you are extremely well compensated for your time- not necessarily less time…

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