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  1. This has nothing to do with race, get the fuck out of here with that privileged bullshit

  2. The other day this couple had a 5 gallon tank in their cart and immediately wanted an angelfish and a pleco in it. I'm not even surprised anymore—I'm always in innate pain with fish customers

  3. Looks great! Only thing I would recommend is stabbing some air holes, preferably in the bottom so that they can chew on them! Gotta grind those teeth down

  4. Mentally healthy …. 😃 sure. Not me but happy for all y’all 😅

  5. I'm just gonna use it as an affirmation for what my enlightened self could be

  6. I didn't notice anything weird about the fish bags themselves, but I was excited when doing the fish delivery today because I noticed that the newspapers stuffed inside were from Spain, and they are almost always from South Korea! It's possible that they were sent from a different location for you as well

  7. Finally a piercing done correctly! Feels so good to see. I think the jewelry itself is just longer and wider so if you think it's too low down, you can change the jewelry later on :) Personally I like the size though!

  8. Voting has concluded. Final vote:

  9. I think it would be healthier to just inhale toxic fumes at this point

  10. Allowing myself to make the strongest bonds I can with people. I don't need a relationship to look any certain way and I feel so happy to be able to create as little or as many unique connections as I want. Life is too short for me to want to always do things the same way.

  11. That's one of em! That's my second highest percentage though. My highest percentage isn't Anglo

  12. Aw thank you! I'll give you a hint: It isn't anywhere in the West

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