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  • By - ph04

  1. ph04 says:

    thank you very much

  2. ph04 says:

    thank you very much, it seems correct!

  3. The first thing to do if you haven’t done it yet is to compare the analytical gradients that your algorithm gets with the numerical gradients. If they don’t match up barring some 10-5 or lower difference, then you have a bug in your back prop.

  4. ph04 says:

    i'm sorry, what do you mean by analytical and numerical gradients?

  5. ph04 says:

    that's what I'm already using ahahah, it's called nalgebra

  6. ph04 says:

    oh my god, this list is so sick thank you very much! I'll implement some of these right now

  7. ph04 says:

    ok yes this is very similar

  8. Yesterday I installed the Pokémon script on My terminal and I have a bspwm/gruvbox theme. And today I see this, ha! Btw, loving your system!

  9. Thanks a lot, it gives flavour to rice screenshots, cheers!

  10. ph04 says:

    the thing that i'm thinking is that is some kind of motocross track, i think it's related in some way with the fact that engines in general are very important in this game, the poke centers which resemble gas stations and the fact that the legendary seems to be rideable

  11. Is it because Anulla means both Undo and cancel?

  12. everything's in its place but I suggest u to get rid of that spotify script I tried it too it runs dbus in the background and it's the reason for consuming much cpu, try deleting it from ur config and look at the cpu consummation ;)

  13. oh my god sure i'll try that one, thank you!


  15. How did you change the doom emacs logo ?

  16. with a terrible solution

  17. Thanks for this! My younger brother is loving it!

  18. it's literally in the title bro

  19. it's italian, and also, those are just my notes ahahah

  20. i dont really use any file manager other than dolphin, which i am too lazy to even bother to rice, but very rare that i need it

  21. happens absolutely the same thing, a little bit worse i'd say

  22. Graphics glitches like this are pretty normal on resume drum suspend (for laptops). It has something to do with the way that the display gets reinitialized. Most laptops have issues to the point where hibernation it's often disabled because it will fill to properly reinitialize the display.

  23. so there is no fix to this problem?

  24. merita molto di più

  25. you could go to the shortcut menu and create custom shortcuts that activate w/ a key combo that run xdotool commands to type certain characters

  26. i spent a whole day trying to install autokey but i finally managed to install it correctly, so i'm using that right now, but yeah that would have been a good way to fix the problem thanks

  27. yea I had ton of trouble with autokey too, I never ended up using it for much

  28. i actually tried to go for your suggestion but i could not use the GUI section of custom settings because it seems to be really buggy :(

  29. I always tell people to use cfdisk (since they haven't removed it yet from the ISO) because it's a little more easier than fdisk. But my first recommendation is always follow the Wiki. It will never steer you wrong.

  30. in that thread i shared, it's said to avoid using cfdisk for this specific problem

  31. other than that, cfdisk is really good i agree

  32. Not yet. They’ve been seriously optimizing the Desmos code, so we can hope so in the future!

  33. If you create a list and don’t use it in any calculations, you might be able to go over 3'333 (10'000 now). But it will glitch if you try to calculate anything with it.

  34. thank you very much, i'll keep searching too

  35. Shouldn't with_capacity and splat be called zeros and fill, rather?

  36. fixed, also changed transpose() which now uses .enumerate()

  37. that's a very good point actually, you are right! i'll fix that right now

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