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  1. I have an Xtrada 6 and a T7. The Xtrada is better on climbs but only slightly better. Sure, the hardtail is lighter, but if I could only have one, I'd pick the T7. I ride mostly flow and tech in Maine, and the T7 is better for what I ride.

  2. FYI - I'm posting this to generate conversation, not make conservatives look nuts, as

  3. They've lost all they're going to lose, so they only have new customers to gain at this point.

  4. This dude used to work for the Office of Nuclear Energy. Doesn't the government still require a security clearance to work at these kind of jobs? What kind of background checks are the Biden Secret Service doing?

  5. They're only checking that a job candidate meets the intersectionality requirements.

  6. I just got a pair of Spank Oozy flats that seem larger than my old Raceface Chesters. However, I'm size 9.5, so I can't relate to your foot size.

  7. YouTube and coloradofans. Virtually anything I'd want or need to do to my Canyon is on those two sites.

  8. Thanks. I used youtube last year when I installed a front receiver hitch. As I explained in another post, I'm just thinking ahead fit peirce I might have, but you're right... The internet is way easier.

  9. Haynes and other manuals were really a necessity in the 90s, when I started working on cars, and before. But almost everything is either on youtube or a forum, unless you feel like splurging on an Alldata subscription for your truck.

  10. It's truly sad the way his family and the whole left is using him. He should be rocking in a chair watching Matlock reruns. Dr. Jill, of all people, should know that and have discouraged him from running. I mean, she's a doctor!

  11. It was a joke, just like her doctorate in education.

  12. It can be. I tried it on one of my bikes and got lucky with one of the tires. It would hold air for months without losing a single psi. The other tire required regular topping off.

  13. Those tubes are great and really are about as lights as sealant. Just be careful about recommending pressures as low as 12psi. Regardless of tubeless or not, unless it’s a fatbike tire, those pressures for most riders will end up denting the rim. YMMV but that’s reeeeallllyyy low

  14. I agree, I was testing how low I could go with those tubes and did 12psi on a groomed snow trail with exposed roots. I regularly run 16-18 psi the rest of the year.

  15. I see everyone making a deal over the difference between illegal alien and migrant, when that isn't the point and is, in fact, an irrelevant point in this context. How did this go off topic so fast?

  16. Came here to say this. Pivpn wireguard is so easy to setup on the pi and on the end devices. I love the toggle on either PC (system tray) or Android (pull down menu) to enable the VPN. Couldn't be any simpler.

  17. Our nation was almost overthrown by this guy we never heard of? Seems legit.

  18. Ha, yeah. He's worse than the shaman.

  19. I wouldn't say it's a crazy idea. It is just a lot of work for the visual benefit. My go-to would be to just cut, flare and nut on the shorter lineset. You just need to make sure you have the actual nut to connect them. You could probably get that at a refrigerator supply company. Or maybe they had them on the unit as extra. Sometimes they come with an extra nut.

  20. So you're saying to leave the stock Mr Cool quick-connects on the ends of the line and use a flared connection in the middle where I'd cut it? I didn't think about that.

  21. I don't see why you would braze it.

  22. I guess I was thinking of brazing because I have those quick-connect connections on there already and didn't want to think about removing them. I thought this was the only way. Are you suggesting using the flare union where I cut the line and leaving the connections at the ends as they are?

  23. So I could have two sets of alternating color RAM sticks.

  24. Orange. I have a Siskiu T7 in gray/black with orange accents (bottle cage, grip locks). Looks sharp.

  25. RX 5700 XT Liquid Devil on a 5120x1440 49" monitor. To this day, I'm still impressed by the ability of this card to produce frame rates on high or ultra, depending on game and optimization, of:

  26. Polygon Siskiu T8. Unbeatable value with 150mm up front, 140mm in the rear.

  27. Deore. I have two bikes, a 1x11 and a 1x12, both with Deore. Great shifting, reliable, easy to index.

  28. What do you have now, a full sus or hardtail, and what do you intend to ride?

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