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  1. i go back and forth or amp and de-loused as my number 2

  2. goliath is a fucking awesome video and vigil is making me really excited for the new album

  3. then please tell me is it actually annoying or am i just a bitter asshole who hates upbeat dancey electronic pop songs

  4. You know I used to go around my neighbourhood late at night and just occasionally yeet too. These pictures are really pretty well done

  5. i wish i could go out late at night i just go out in the afternoon find a nice place in the park or church yeet a little then walk back home and take some pics

  6. My therapist doesn’t. I told him i tried to kms. He just said that it is better if i cut… :| But teachers!! They will tell your parents EVERYTHING

  7. My therapist only has to tell if I’m gonna kms and not if I sh but idk about yours.

  8. someone more selfless then i can do it then make me a girl

  9. i really hate the word woke its a stupid catchall term for anything leftists

  10. i can't choose about the album but few of my fav songs are time is running out - knights of Cynodia - uprising - united states of eurasia - starlight

  11. i don't think i've listened to em what's their best album

  12. Ah same I collect cds, vinyl and sometimes cassettes if I find them

  13. i have a little box of my dads tapes and some records

  14. That's just Trevor's description

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