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  1. That’s wild. Are they cheating somehow, or just getting so many time bubbles that they’re able to just keep playing?

  2. Yup they’re just time bubble gods! That’s how some tsums can hit the score cap (based on how easily the tsum can make time bubbles/recharge the skill). Other’s are like Cinderella, travel anna, piglet, elsa and bruni

  3. I love the angry stitch squishing the normal stitch 😂

  4. Namine requires a lot more concentration than us casuals want. Try playing her at sl1, and see how it is. I think you should be looking at about 2 full-ish clears in 3sec per skill activation (pros do about 5 full clears in 6 sec at sl6). If u don’t like that, it’d be better to wait until the last lucky time for S&R

  5. The sub is pretty cool. I wish there were more discussion posts those are always nice to read and learn from

  6. Hi! Did your game crash while playing?

  7. Not in the sense that the app closed, but in the middle of the game, the app went black for a few seconds before it went back to the main home screen

  8. I didn’t catch any recording of it, but while for some reason, when I popped into this game, nobody was acting correctly. Like the leomord was doing skills on the air, everyone was defending the base despite it being only a minute in. I thought people were win-trading or something, so I tried to push. I got almost full items (even got lord) and got pretty far. Meanwhile, my teammates were chatting things like “wtf” “bruh” “are u trolling carmilla”. I thought this was to throw me off of finishing the game and I ignored it. But after i got lord, the game crashed and when I reloaded, the match history showed this result instead. Could I have been in some weird alternate match or something?

  9. On further inspection, all the other players seem normal in terms of winrate and so no wintraders. However, my replay of the match is not in the replay of section.

  10. Splitting the bill! It's commonplace in the US but ask here and it's a big complicated mess. I hate the British custom of one bill for a huge party and it actually puts me off going for a sit down meal when there are loads of people.

  11. Wait so does Paula not pay back Deb for the food she chose?

  12. I can see the skills already: Luz has random effects and draws sigils: fire clears vertical lines where luz tsums are matched, ice is a classic elsa type freeze, light clears random areas.

  13. Ive played them for a bit and my results are pretty wide spread. (With 5>4) at sl3, i can get a base coin from 1800 to 5000, with an average of about 2700. I think it could be that the bubble rng can mess it up, but also im just really bad at aiming the bone. Will see if practice improves and narrows that range of coins

  14. I would say yes, max her out. She only takes 2 skill tickets. She's useful for quick and fast paced games that can earn you a decent amount of coins without the 5>4 bonus. BHM is good for a wide variety of missions and she's even fun to play. I'm still learning how to use her at max level but I can earn 2500 coins pretty regularly, and on games where I get into a good rhythm, I can add another 1000 coins on top. I even hit 4k coins on my best game. Highly recommended to max for her versatility.

  15. You should consider using the 5>4 boost! You only need to make +1384 more coins with the 5>4 and coin boost instead of just the coin boost to start profiting more(assuming an average of 30% coin boost)

  16. I feel like the best standard would be using piglet and see who scores better (assuming lvls are equal)

  17. I like this idea, but I'd go on to say that coins should be used as the basis of comparison, and not points. The tsum and player's level can be raised from grinding, but that doesn't affect coin earnings.

  18. True true. Maybe not mr luke tho he’s too rare 😵‍💫

  19. Are you clearing 9+ tsums per swipe? If not, slow it down to build up the correct muscle memory. Then slowly build up speed till you can do about 10 swipes per skill (if you can do more go for it haha)

  20. Bursting peeps with dmg estes very fun >:)

  21. The way i just watched this movie and just received a chat violation 😍

  22. Has anybody tried Cinderella at sl2? I feel like I’ve reached the ceiling for it (hit 8 mill, 3k coins). should I keep practicing, or should I bite the bullet and skill her up one more level?

  23. A compulsive gambler with RNG-based skills

  24. A champ with no BA would be possible, but it would be infeasible unless you give them a replacement for the lost capability. A good example of a no-auto hero would be MSW's Yondu. Yondu's auto is replaced by his Yaka Arrow ability, which works like Kagura's S1.

  25. Owl (the original one) and Scrooge are coming to Town, in the SAME Capsule.

  26. Wowow I didn’t know you could flicker to control the ult direction like that

  27. There is always a 20% resist floor, meaning accuracy caps out at 80%, and anything beyond that is useless. Try replacing that 20% with some more speed :)

  28. It’s definitely a grind. I find I stick to old relics too often, so if u think that’s u, try moving ur current relics onto a random esper, and then rebuild your esper, only using those relics if necessary. Most of the time, you will end up improving your team and little by little you will eventually find yourself progressing

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