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  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Also track your anxiety and see if it comes a certain time. Then do things to counter it. When I PMS my anxiety hits a all time high when I’m working, so I counter it with taking Ashwagandha supplements.

  2. Thanks! I’m trying to not be so hard on myself but my job is very high pressure. I’m even having stress dreams.

  3. Similar story here. Loss has been slow and I am eating almost nothing.

  4. They’re not injections, I take a supplement

  5. I was very tied for about 3 weeks on 2.5 then it went away

  6. I’ve been on 7.5 for over a month and I’m still struggling

  7. I’m a little sick of it because I’ve seen it so much, but at the same time I watched it multiple times because I loved it. I think it was really well executed. Much better than the Bob’s Burgers Movie… although that’s a low bar

  8. The country map challenge was crazy… multiple people not knowing Alaska was part of the US and Joey asking if China was a country

  9. I kept yelling at my TV “it’s a date!”

  10. I’m on 7.5 and had to stop for 2 weeks because of supply chain issues. I started again a few days ago and I feel like I’m having a lot of stomach symptoms and nausea. Did you experience that after the break?

  11. Wine only turns into alcohol after you open it!

  12. I kept trying to figure out if the cup said one of the actors’ names

  13. I just love how much Lucille loves him! It’s the only time in the show we see her genuinely happy and it’s very funny 😆

  14. Not a new country but maybe a Scotland emphasis in the UK and make it a Brave theme

  15. The carousel of progress and spaceship earth are actually kind of fun

  16. Any of the parades or non-closing time shows. I get why people like them but it feels like a waste after the first time you see them. On a first trip it’s great but after a while not so much. The closing shows (at the end of the park day) are usually pretty great.

  17. I’m rewatching and I forgot how much I love this show. Seasons 4 and 5 are obviously a let down but the first three seasons are gold.

  18. I liked them together because I thought each of them had something to offer the other. Although, I wish Ned and Rachel really had a shot. They were adorable.

  19. With a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg!

  20. I get to work faster when I drive in the carpool lane!

  21. Nooooooooo Mindy Kailing is funny but look at what happened with Velma and The Mindy Project.

  22. So I was on the fire stick and scrolled over the title of the new series and the description said Bobby was still 13. So I figured they were all the same age. Unless has it been confirmed they’re older?

  23. Interesting… I was hoping they’d age everyone up but I definitely see the benefits of keeping everyone the same age

  24. We love him He loves we We’re the leader’s family

  25. Why not use a fake fish or glitter? So unnecessary to do this to a living creature.

  26. I’m the first to admit I certainly haven’t been eating the way I should, but today I didn’t have time for lunch so I grabbed a couple of hard boiled eggs from my office cafeteria. I had 2 eggs and I feel like I just ate a massive amount of food. It’s really a miracle but also tummy aches are NOT fun.

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