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  1. That’s okay it’s a little late sexy. Still rocking that st patrick's day look no matter what time of the year it is. Looking so hot as always. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Thanks ☺️ I needed some kind words today

  3. Any time sweetie. Also if it’s not to person what’s wrong? Are you doing okay?

  4. It’s a little personal for a comment section but you’re welcome to message me lol

  5. Correcting the fact that you completely misread something is not 'gaslighting', holy victim complex, guy. You took a comment that was not even replying to you, was actually agreeing with you, then you inexplicably interpreted it as attack on you, and then you accuse people of gaslighting you when they point out that you misinterpreted it.....

  6. Lol what? You are not correcting with facts you are correcting my feelings and opinion with your own feelings and opinion on a situation you weren’t a party to. Get a grip

  7. The fact that EnderB3nder was not responding to you, and was responding to Sadstickgurl reinforcing the same thing as what you were saying is not "my feeling", plantyho, it's a fact. Just because you erroneously felt like they were saying something else doesn't change the fact that your feeling was wrong

  8. Which I responded to them saying ‘my bad’ get a better hobby

  9. Bonus points if you can name the show in the background 😉

  10. Yeah that’s a total scam. The English is off too, barely but enough to assume scam.

  11. are there any pronunciation guides for an absolute beginner struggling with the individual sounds? I'm looking at starting from the alphabet and moving forward.

  12. Why not open a case with the post? Either you or the customer should be able to

  13. You’ll have to make an account to do so. If you haven’t already. But don’t ding your shop because of post. And tell the customer to try if you can’t but you should be able to unless it’s not past the estimated arrival date

  14. Report them. Some pharmacists think they are gods.

  15. There’s a property between the Farnsbys and Sam/Jay’s house. They don’t share a common border.

  16. Right don’t the lady farmers with the tree live right next door? So I just assumed the farnsby’s lived on the other side of them.

  17. Yes, you're right. Upon rewatching "Baby Bjorn" episode, Jay has the idea that Thorfinn can speak to Bjorn from the top floor window because now there is a clear view to the top floor of the Farnsby's place after Sasappis' tree was cut down (on the lady farmers' property).

  18. It’s easy to miss for sure. I’ve just rewatched 1000 times lol

  19. No she’s some mix of jack russel and rat terrier with wire hair.

  20. That’s okay you still look perfect babe. happy st patrick's day sexy. ❤️😘

  21. Thanks! At least there’s some green 😝 so no pinches for me!

  22. I know those are the rules but with an ass like that I might just have to give it a little pinch. 😂 It’s to nice not to pinch, I’m sorry lol.

  23. Or maybe some of y’all should raise your children better to not bully? Like those of you who hate women who do this are the ones in their DMs begging them the most.

  24. Oh wow that is super cute. Thank you for showing it off. Looking lovely too. 😘

  25. Why will all these companies not hire you?

  26. So… you just haven’t been hire? Or they have said ‘we won’t hire you’

  27. Some subs may not allow video posts. So maybe post elsewhere and post a link?

  28. It’s strange because I see videos posted in them and it doesn’t look like it’s a shared link. It looks like they are posted to Reddit.

  29. Hmmm… maybe message the mods or someone who’s posted a video and see? Otherwise I have no idea sorry!

  30. So fucking sexy babe, you have some of the sexiest legs around here. The only thing missing in that videos is me rubbing your beautiful legs and body. ❤️😘

  31. Looks like everything is gone now lol

  32. It looks like they are deleting all the comments on instagam

  33. I clicked from her linktree and it said the user had no posts 😂

  34. Damn I had to come back and say you’re just so lovely and your body is so sexy. I’d give anything to rub you down from head to toe. It would be the the most glorious thing I think I would ever get to do. Thanks for being so lovely and beautiful babe. 🥰

  35. Lol thanks ☺️☺️ sorry I took forever to reply lol I keep forgetting!

  36. Lol it’s really no issue. You’re very sweet for even writing back, thanks for being so kind and awesome. ❤️

  37. Super easy to be kind to kind people lol

  38. Not that I’m trying to be selfish or anything, but it’s been a little since you posted and I know I can’t be the only one missing you.

  39. Lol sorry. I have been a little more focused on work things as of late. 😂 I didn’t think anyone would notice/care 😝😝

  40. Lol please no need to explain yourself, obviously I know you have a life outside of Reddit. Well glad to know you’re okay. It’s nice you know you’re focusing on work and more important stuff. lol well I do consider you a favorite and 5 days without a post seems unusual for you. Well please post whenever you feel like it, no pressure coming from here. But yes some people do notice. Thanks for being so sweet. 😊

  41. Well thanks. Glad to know someone cares haha.

  42. He looks like the troll from the labyrinth. Also what is he on?

  43. Hi all I tested positive on Thursday with Covid. My partner went out to our local chemist And bought paracetamol and Nurofen colds and flu, Which I take with a lot of water during the day Plus I stay warm and well wrapped up plus I’m managing to eat . Now this is the kicker, I still feel rotten , sick , sore nose mouth and throat plus ache muscles Question How to do this better pain free

  44. Ask your doc for an inhaler too if possible. May help with any shortness of breath or discomfort

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