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  1. This is the first year for all of us with sets so it is a bit speculative. This is what seems most likely:

  2. To add to this, I believe the wild card option will allow you to keep 1 player from a previous set eligible in the lineup.

  3. Thanks, I’ll give this a shot. Any idea if this retroactively give me all the XP I’ve missed out on?

  4. TBS title seems way bigger than the World Woman’s Championship

  5. Who has disrespected him? I honestly feel like he gets more respect than ever right now

  6. I subscribed to Honor Club for a month. This is why I cancelled it. I wanted to see a proper ROH show but all it is is Dark Elevation with the ROH branding. Storylines are non existent. It’s just match after match after match with maybe a backstage interview. But the flow of the shows are pretty much Dark-esque with rapid fire matches and not much else.

  7. Haven’t missed a single pitch of rays baseball all season, but man I’m tempted right now lol

  8. Funny, I hate him more for being a Gator than a Met.

  9. You don’t post stuff like this before the game. It’s like talking about a no hitter as it’s happening

  10. I don’t want to jinx anything, but I can’t help but notice that the Mets look awfully uninspired.

  11. Fantastic, but I have serious concerns about our pitching depth with injuries mounting..

  12. In my opinion, depending on where we are at at the trade deadline, Lowe can go. I know he's been a big player in our clubhouse, but infield talent is so high right now. We have Walls, Franco manning the middle, a bunch of prospects (Curtis Mead, Aranda). Manzardo might be called up later this year, allowing you to move Diaz to 3B and plugging Paredes at 2B if you want to give Franco/Walls a day off.

  13. Makes me sad because I actually had some mutual friends with Roberto Aguayo in college and hung out with him a few times. Roberto was a super chill dude from my experience until Ricky cursed the entire family.

  14. Jimbo and Willie. I loved Jimbo, and supported him even when I started to notice the dysfunction creeping in. But the way he exited, the condition he left the program, the way he stopped recruiting, and the way he handled contract negotiations every single offseason makes me absolutely resent him. He had 1 foot out the door since 2014.

  15. A better location originally as opposed to St Pete maybe. The stadium should be in Tampa.

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