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  1. The newest parks all still have monkey bars too.

  2. Why would it be considered a slur? Im curious not doubting.

  3. Its a respect and decency thing. Imagine someone arguing with you and they always refer to you as some other name.

  4. This subreddit is skewed young and it shows.

  5. I'm not convinced ohio is a red state. I'm very interested to see how they vote when trump isnt on the ticket during a presidential year. They elect democrats statewide and have 1 dem senator

  6. They just voted for Vance over Ryan pretty definitively.

  7. My whole family is made up of females and I’m the only male. Every single one of them is short 4,11” - 5,5” and not a single one of those the women in my family have ever mentioned a disadvantage that stemmed from being short as a woman. Why? Because being short isn’t a disadvantage in reality. It’s a social construct… And dating and reproduction is basically the sole purpose humans were put on this earth. so I fail to see how it isn’t everything..

  8. In a lot of threads , my most recent reminded me of this, a lot of women get attacked for feeling insecure for being short because “ it’s easier for us to find a partner and we don’t get ridiculed like short men” Or get upset when a short woman talks about a tall guy she’s dating.

  9. To be fair, a lot of us have to give the advice of "get over it" because that literally is the only way to move forward. Its not unsupportive to tell someone to quit letting something you cant control control you.

  10. That’s a terrible slippery slope fallacy argument.

  11. Yeah sure slippery slope on a fucking 1st impression document.

  12. Eh i'm not inclined to agree with the person you are arguing but there is no guarentee the reference will be positive or useful. Managers can be petty dipshits for absolutely no reason.

  13. Probably, but a bigger company isn't dumb enough to give bad references and get in legal trouble. They however can indicate not eligible for rehire so its a wash.

  14. If Jared Fogle apologized, then worked diligently enough for decades against CP that children's rights organizations supported him, yes I would forgive him.

  15. Youre more forgiving than most people on reddit.

  16. Even if they did agree with you, you're such an asshole about it no ones gonna try to back you up either.

  17. They've sort of infested this sub as well. SRD is basically a rightwing raid sub.

  18. Any one right of me is a brigading rightie out to doom the world

  19. Might as well just post Hyoons newest stuff lmao.

  20. ENVU, gotta keep digging to find the newest stuff

  21. Impression about Indian on online platforms is that they are sex perverts.

  22. In my circles of reddit, a significant amount of indians have this weird mix of incel and nationalist views. Not saying OP or all indians are like this, but its way more pronounced than the average.

  23. A car may be necessary but a clean car isn't. Just don't wash it.

  24. I'm pretty sure Car Washes in a drought stricken state would recycle water to avoid racking up costs as much as possible. That and having proper water recycling systems compared to residential straight to drain systems.

  25. Yeah, i dont think I like where this is going. The author has experience and credentials.

  26. Let's be honest, most redditors are... somewhat lacking in the social skills department

  27. Considering a lot of the top posts are how to get jobs remote or far away from people, it shows.

  28. OK very much not in my zone of life ha. I would have never guessed that combination of words in a million years. Pro-starcraft is apparently thing. Thanks!

  29. Wait til you hear league of legends players can make hundreds of thousands to be mid.

  30. It’s interesting how your statement “ draw the line at horse” even those this doesn’t really make sense, is very easily understood.

  31. Its because vegetarians and vegans have a point that the line is arbitrary.

  32. Dude in the 1980s medicine thought babies couldn't feel pain!

  33. Without kicking the can of worms, I wonder if the abortion debates actually fueled research in prenatal/neonatal pain.

  34. I mean, if violinists had easily digestible ways to read music too it would be similar, culture notwithstanding.

  35. Well anyway here's Brahms Violin Concerto in D major.

  36. Tried an In-N-Out burger in Texas. Bland an boring. What-A-Burger is doing it right here as far as chains go. But we have privately owned Mom&Pop type burger joints here that are next level!

  37. Yeah, I'm not surprised In-N-Out does worse than What-a-Burger in Texas of all places...

  38. Finally I can reach the shit on my kitchen cabinets I've been meaning to get since i moved into my place.

  39. Granted, Chala was probably burnt out of R6 and Geo also probably needed a change of scenery, I wouldn't exactly call winning the SI and not even qualifying for the next major consistent

  40. Think he means team management rather than the team in general. R6 is a bit more deliberate in their decisions and seems to give the team time to work things out first.

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