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  1. We can't really tell as we don't know how much longer she will be wrestling. I am enjoying all the stuff from the last two weeks, especially the crowd interaction parts but her wrestling gear still seems a bit odd compared to her persona right now lol.

  2. Bayley has the nicest fans on social media..they play along nicely with her twitter banter ...kind of like how people do at live events...

  3. Pandemic era during lockdowns and stuff. Wrestling was a great solace and support.

  4. Opening tag title match was great, even more so because KO was in it instead of Elias.

  5. I understand I am going to come off as a negative Asuka fan.

  6. I feel you but such is her role in general now. I just try to enjoy what I see of her and feel lucky she is still doing this at a top level.

  7. The post Sami Zayn bloodline storyline has been absolutely great. And I have no clue how they will payoff the story. So I am going to just let it play out with the faith that they will do a great job through the Mania season. I'm not going to fantasy book my expectations and then get upset about this particular storyline because I have been very satisfied with what they have done the last few months and earned my faith.

  8. I think she will have some good promos, brawls etc. Becky in 2022 will still be a bit restrained on them or on twitter though, unlike 2019 - otherwise way too many people take it personally...

  9. Hangman Page's ".. for the first time, believe too" promo.

  10. I sometimes think maybe he is taken for granted a bit... He is probably going to stick around in the company for a long time, there is no fear of him going to Hollywood or AEW etc, so his role is now changed...

  11. It won't be a premium live event. It would be the equivalent of how they do European tour basically an international house show.

  12. All I can say, with the way the Rumble is shaping I cannot wait to see how amazing it's going to be without Vince's excesses.

  13. Would you be ok with a great match that the Rock wins

  14. Anyone else think Damage CTRL has elevated Dakota and Iyo but not so much Bayley? Bayley has lost the matches that mattered upon her return and I don’t see much credibility as a heel from her without her partners in crime. Also We Got the Rage is a dog water entrance theme.

  15. If you think Dakota and Iyo have got elevated then that's a job well done..A lot of complains that I have seen are about Iyo specifically, how her being in a stable is beneath her or not her best use etc...

  16. I agree,, And I think it also carries over to outside projects. Like the Becky/Sasha scenario you brought up. There seems to be this idea that only one wrestler should succeed outside of WWE.

  17. I know it wouldn't happen but social media stan wars are so bad that I almost wish if the locker rooms would actually come together and make a statement or video asking their stans to cool down a bit and just enjoy the product. Whether it is CM Punk vs The Elite, or wwe women's rosters or any other.. Of course this will not happen but just saying

  18. Roman vs Punk..Roman squashes him in 30 secs..Punk retires.

  19. They are there to make everyone else look good. Bayley is probably pretty stoked right now having got back so many of the released talents.

  20. I have some doubts about Bayley and Liv Morgan. From the men, quite possible that Ricochet, Styles, Balor etc miss out.

  21. I don't think Charlotte has been part of a stable on the main roster. It would be something different for her

  22. Becky wins the Rumble. Bianca beats Rhea in the Raw title match and Ronda beats Raquel in the SD title match.

  23. Yes but Kenny is a developer so Punk's ranked a 44 and the crowd chants "Fuck CM Punk" the whole time he's in the ring.

  24. Also it is programmed that he falls over randomly while doing his moves.

  25. I think Rhea Ripley will probably go down as the female wrestling GOAT unless something goes really wrong. This is just based on how much she has achieved already, potentially doing it for 15-20 more years, how she is positioned, her talent, look and so on.

  26. I think you are right...I look at this in a slightly different way. ...Crowds figure out who of the two wrestlers is the cooler of the and they will invariably cheer for that wrestler...And tweeners can often be cool or maybe it's their cool factor that is making them tweeners.

  27. I just saw the promo now and I didn't like it. But I don't see how this proves that Regal could be going. He still remains a big part of the storytelling - so this is a totally baseless point.

  28. Indian fans will get this. Just read a comment on insta and I think it is bang on. Seth Rollins is the Ranveer Singh of WWE.

  29. TK is the Ranveer Singh of wrestling if the criteria is ❄️

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