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  1. Cody will walk in with a cinnamon crunch toast next to him and they will do the woah-oh

  2. The Best part of Renne interview with Mox is how in depth he goes into about his process and creative thinking and I shouldn't be shocked consider he is my favourite, but I never knew until he vocalised it that so much of his idea of what Pro wrestling is or should be aligns with mine own.

  3. I am just now finishing up the episode and it is a super fun listen.

  4. This is funny. Is Rollins an accidental victim of his song becoming so popular that they will make him keep doing this semi comedy gimmick for a long time. I wonder if they turn him into a serious contender again in six months or longer.

  5. I can empathise. However at a realistic level, what do you see her achieve on her main roster run...

  6. After seeing all the tweets and posts about the WM38 24 documentary - I watched it today. It was absolutely wonderful to see. Maybe i am a bit biased as it had lots of content of some of my favourite wrestlers like Becky,KO, Sami and even Stone Cold - but even apart from their parts - I thought it was really well made and enjoyable.

  7. Impressive to see wrestlers pursue interests outside wrestling including academics. Xavier Woods is another one, I believe who is doing a PhD.

  8. I would not be putting my money on them tbh. I can easily see them losing and postpone the split if at all to a few months later. We don't know future plans for them if any.

  9. I thought Raw was interesting. Some highlights for me

  10. Aah - thanks for spotting the Typo :) - let me edit.

  11. I will do you one better - Austin Theory bothers me.

  12. Cody wasn't hitting that moonsault even if Solo didn't move

  13. The fuck was Cody doing after hitting that cross rhodes. Hurry up man

  14. Becky is first and foremost a fan at heart. She loves it, like we do. It's so cool..

  15. Now I realised Meltzer looks totally like the Australian cricketer David Warner

  16. But you could apply that logic to the whole division. ‘Everyone’s fine with Bianca, Charlotte and Damage CTRL’. Not aimed at you specifically, but this complacency is exactly what Ronda was talking about yesterday.

  17. I think the Ronda Liv feud got panned quite badly on social media - there was a fire Ronda hashtag in the middle of it as well (i forget the trigger for that). Post that - the Shotzi match got panned. So I think Ronda has felt the ire of IWC/ Wrestling twitter etc 100x more than what Bianca has felt. With Bianca the thing is - if a match hasn't clicked - it's generally due to the opponent not having their best day. I would say she has 100% delivered on nights when put against the HW / Asuka level competitors. So that's why I don't see either Bianca or management worried about her. If she is receiving constructive criticism, it is probably on the lines of how to become a more interesting TV character and we will probably see some stuff there in the next few months.

  18. At the same time, you could argue that one of Bianca's weaknesses (along with her very inconsistent selling) is that she's gotten this huge push for two years but still needs a really good worker facing her to have a quality match. This got overlooked for a while because WWE were so careful with making sure she only had Horsewomen opposition in her singles PLE matches, but in more recent months she's had quite a few underwhelming ones. Most have been on Raw, but the Alexa one at the Rumble was another.

  19. Maybe, I have missed them, but I am not aware of any great / 4 star singles matches that Alexa, Sonya etc have been in. So sure it's a weakness if you think that, but that's a weakness for almost everyone.

  20. It generally feels like SRS is way more cautious with what he reports and the way he reports it.

  21. I think SRS is smart in making clear what is a rumour that he is reporting and what is an informed guess he is making . With Dave I feel it often gets muddled up.

  22. I hope we one day learn the actual reason for why this match didn't happen this year. According to Fightful it wasn't even in the plans and they had Rhea vs Ronda penciled in. And I refuse to believe even with Ronda's diminished star power the build would be any colder than the two championship programs we currently have.

  23. My benign, non conspiratorial theory is Ronda might finally do the honors for Becky in a definitive finish but that will really be her last match..Since she is sticking around, hence it's not the last chapter and therefore not the match.

  24. Sometimes they are 100% genuine. Watch Kofi winning the title at Mania 35 and no way is his or Xavier's / Big E's reactions anything less than genuine. You can feel it.

  25. The Charlotte Sasha Becky triple threat in 2016 is another true game changer in women's wrestling history in some ways. Sure NXT 2015 changed the game but for this also to absolutely deliver on the biggest stage is also an immense achievement which all three of them truly deserve.

  26. So I looked at last night's house show stuff and one thing really stood out to me. Asuka and Mia Yim defeated Damage CTRL, but after the match, Asuka turned on Yim and laid her out. You would expect the audience to boo Asuka for that, but they instead cheered her even more than they already were (and she was already getting a pretty strong positive reaction).

  27. I can now see Asuka losing but then doing this to Bianca post match at Mania.. They might do one or two PLE matches between them as well.

  28. Eh, I dunno to be honest. I feel like if they do what you propose, then Asuka has to win the title and not drop it right back to Bianca either. But I feel like it's more likely Asuka just wins at Mania and goes on to be a chaos elemental over the rest of the division, taking on everyone. There's a lot more interest with what Asuka could do in this latest run than what Bianca brings to the table at this point.

  29. My guess is Bianca will probably not lose till a heel MITB cash in.... I would say Asuka has a 20% chance at Mania but even that would involve being misted.

  30. Why on earth did Bayley provoke Rhea Ripley on Raw Monday when Rhea has been borderline unstoppable as of late!? Even if That brawl on the outside didn't happen, surely the result would of been the same. Not a smart move from the usually calculated Bayley.

  31. Fighting with former team mates has become a real problem. The war games teams have been fighting amongst themselves. Sad.

  32. Wow, that interview is something. Big disrespect from the comedian host to begin with. By the end, Becky had him almost enamoured with her. Overall it was awkward as f, but definitely worth a watch to see Becky handle it with such grace and humour.

  33. The awkwardness is part of the appeal with Tommy tiernans show. Even people he is extremely familiar with; Roy Keane, Paul Mcgrath etc, they are all fairly awkward

  34. I'll check out the Roy Keane one. I enjoy listening to Keane a lot generally.

  35. In kayfabe why cant Adam Pearce make the triple threat an elimination match? This way Gunther would still be needed to be pinned or submitted to lose like he wants to

  36. In kayfabe, why does he deserve this protection given he interfered in the qualification match...

  37. Is there a name for the type of wrestler who doesn't get any kind of meaningful push but is somehow heavily protected in terms of pinfalls etc. Eg : Veer Mahan under Vince or Lacey Evans under Triple H.

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