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  1. I just got quite a bit of brown mystery sauce on my jeans from a weirdly juicy leaking Falafel wrap in public too! Thanks, I feel much better about myself after seeing how bad your pants looked.

  2. As a Brit I have to say I find it kinda painful whenever SNL attempts to parody UK culture or personalities. The accents are usually insanely bad and the punchlines rely on broad stereotypes that feel very "route one". That being said I'm a big fan of SNL and have a lot of love for it.

  3. Have you seen this one about Thatcher? It really surprised me, I couldn't believe how accurate it was for an American show.

  4. So in the hospital sketch, Bowen Yang recites some kind of riddle about "I'm fast when I'm thin and slow when I'm fat," and Pascal responds with what sounds like "Ken doll," but that can't possibly be right. Any idea what he said?

  5. I remember in Adam Drivers monologue when he hosted that he said he was purposely drawing out his monologue so he didn’t have to do a transphobic sketch (or something like that) at the end of the show.

  6. I remember someone asking about that episode here, and there was debate about whether he was actually referring to a real sketch or whether it was just criticising the transphobic history of the show. I would be curious to find out if anyone knows for sure.

  7. Three hour is pretty standard in my experience. I'd be alarmed if there was anything shorter. A typical agenda might be (with rough, rough time estimates):

  8. Three hour classes are pretty standard for improv. In fuller classes with up to 16 people, you need that much time to give everyone a chance to do the exercises and receive feedback.

  9. Thanks, I was worried that a three hour regular class would be abnormal and maybe too exhausting for improvisation, but if it's standard then that sounds good!

  10. For your next episode, could I suggest lowering the volume of the music? I found it hard to hear over the piano.

  11. Almost every episode is uploaded to YouTube on unofficial accounts and in good quality you just need to go through all the scams

  12. One trick I've noticed from well-spoken people is that when they start to say something but get cut off, either because a conversation partner speaks through their interjection or they themselves get interrupted, when they try again they rephrase their opener. For example, if they first try "You know, I was just told–" but are accidentally interrupted, they try again with "I heard the other day–" instead.

  13. Could anyone tell me where I could read the decision? I'm trying to get into the habit of reading the actual court documents along with media articles, only I don't know where to look. It's not linked in the cbc piece.

  14. D.K., because he is so annoying and it's fun to harass your friends on multiple levels. I mimic his "voiceset" when winning or overtaking and it gets my friends so mad, it's hilarious.

  15. Used to play Double Dash on gamecube and my dad would always pick Daisy and Peach because he just loved how they would race by an opponent, turn around and do a taunting little “ah-ah!”

  16. Yes! Loved Daisy's taunting in Mario Party whenever I won against my twin brother in a mini game in Mario Party

  17. They're probably mechanical keyboards, for gaming. They're for more precise button pressing, and usually come with cool backlighting.

  18. Thanks! I'm so unskilled at video games that this sort of thing probably wouldn't make any difference, hadn't occurred to me that keyboards would be at all important.

  19. It seems unfair to call Lou the most childish when Iain from the same series expressly admitted in studio how embarrassed he was by his own behaviour. I personally don't think either of them went too far with their competitiveness and it was all in good fun, but even if childishness/pettiness is too much for you, she still shouldn't be the worst by that metric.

  20. With such a small sample size and contestants' schedules they have to consider, it seems unreasonable to hold every specific series lineup to a standard ratio of gender and race. Series 14 and 15 have only one poc each and have a majority of men, but that's just two data points in an overall trend that has gotten much more diverse.

  21. Dex Jettster. Not just his backstory but also some adventures helping out restaurant patrons. Something more episodic, a fun departure from dark tones, with opportunity for worldbuilding.

  22. your speech is probably over but there really isn't anything better than an empty lecture hall

  23. Someone I know keeps trying to convince me to study in empty classrooms, but I'm too nervous to go in when I'm not specifically invited. Managed to practice my speech though, and it went well! Thanks for the tip

  24. I personally like the woods (e.g. by totem or chan) . Also noticed today that the upper floors of Vantage in Orchard are pretty empty, you could snag a classroom.

  25. You're all ignoring the real issue here: there are more plankton in the ocean than any other marine organism, but there's only one token plankton character. We need more cyanobacteria representation!

  26. Are Canadians not bilingual anymore? I grew up with some Canadian friends and they were all fluent in French and English

  27. Often anglophones don't end up learning or retaining much French, even from French immersion programs and French electives in school. I actually still know a fair bit myself because I've learned it since preschool and have half French heritage, but even I haven't had many opportunities to practice after graduating public high school.

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