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  1. If you have two of them, you can make oxygen.

  2. Can't speak for HEB since they don't exist in the majority of the state. Walmart only hires part time here. 16-20 hours per week. Even if they started at $20/hour, that's still less than $2k per month. Kindly shut the fuck up when you don't know what you are talking about.

  3. No, people who lived in the HEB served communities know HEB. They are not ubiquitous.

  4. Furia v GenG. I want a finals comprised of NA teams without a single NA player.

  5. I would still take this over the math homework that my daughter got in the third grade. For an entire month, math was "guess the answer and check the key". That was the instruction. Guess. If only there were simple, logical steps to arrive at an answer.

  6. I've no idea, reall,really, im learning from peoples comments. Sounds like I shouldn't have posted it here, but im learning about why and what it actually is so thats pretty cool!

  7. The ability to accept that you made a mistake and learn from it is not something commonly found on Reddit. You have my respect.

  8. Until they are 18, it is exactly my business. Once they hit 18, I am glad to give them advice if they want it. I don't mean that I can choose their partners, but I will absolutely end a dangerous relationship. By that I mean things like abusive behavior, drug use, unacceptably risky behavior(street racing, things like that). There is a difference between letting your kids be their own person, and letting them wreck their lives. Other than that, I couldn't care less what happens with their genitals.

  9. That was fun, thank you. It took me almost 2 minutes to remember flipside is Flipsid3. I was getting so mad. Ground zero was my last entry, by that point I was running through every team I could even barely remember. I wish this didn't allow incorrect guesses, I feel like I didn't earn that 100%, between Flipsid3 Tactics and Ground Zero, I only deserve 90%.

  10. Hopefully my boi turbo does well and makes every regional 🙏

  11. If I remember right, he has won worlds with every second team he joins. It's Turbos time to shine!

  12. He said he never wanted to yell again when he retired from the military. This may be merely apocryphal and spurious as I don't remember if i heard it from his mouth or a third party.

  13. Not sure if you are kidding or not so I'll define them anyway.

  14. I said that because your response was you don't put any raw js in the html. But, in order to use js on the page, you have to include it in the html via script tags regardless if you write the js directly into your html page or in a separate js file that the script tag src points to, so the ordering or use of defer still applies.

  15. And that's why I called it splitting hairs. Writing it into a separate file and using a script tag to include it or just writing all of it in the tag may be essentially identical from the perspective of the browser, it is drastically different from the perspective of me having to manage the code. I'm not trying to keep JavaScript out of the page at runtime, I'm keeping it out during development.

  16. No, you misunderstand. I have no idea why you replied with any of it, because it is a given to write your js in a separate file lol. There was never a need to justify or clarify any of the fact that you yourself don't write your js inside script tags.

  17. I probably should have worded that first reply differently. I was more focused on the event based portion, where deferring isnt really necessary but I didn't really emphasize it like I should have. I should not be allowed to write comments stream of conscious. I apologize.

  18. I wasn't allowed to eat once I got my epidural, and I was in labour for another 18 hours after that. My mom ate my leftover lunch, then her and my husband got McDonald's for dinner, and then had breakfast all while I watched grumpily from my bed. Even after my c-section, I was told I couldn't eat for another 8 hours and I was so cranky about it 😂

  19. The nurse got bad at me for not eating until my wife could. I told her loyalty was worth more than an empty stomach. It certainly helped by it only taking around 14 hours from start to her waking up.

  20. I hate to gas up Faze in any way because of that annoying dude who thinks fk is the greatest human to have walked the earth or something but faze made an actually impactful change in terms of playstyle with mist who fits the way fk and Syp want to play much better than Ayyjayy did, whereas SSG’s roster change is basically “more mechs = better”, not really complementing Daniel and Arsenal that well. I’d also hesitate to call the roster extremely talented, Arsenal is clearly not on that level and everyone on SSG is worse than their faze counterpart.

  21. Arsenal doesn't need to be on that level. He needs to disrupt the offense and create situations for LJ and Daniel to be able to move freely. He is aided by having good mechanics, just like Comm, but he doesn't need to be the best mech player to do it. LJ is less of a cherry picker than Dan so I expect more engagement from him. I am concerned for their tactical awareness but that's more my ignorance than me questioning their abilities. Retals was calling the field so I think it will be interesting to see how it goes this season.

  22. Wtf is this reasonable logic? PICK A SIDE AND DIE ON IT. ARSENAL OR RETALS

  23. I pick Fairy Peak! His hair is way better. Hell, Metsa has better hair. How can you try to make this about Arsenal or Retals when more important things still need to be discussed.

  24. I can’t believe LionBlaze made the decision to play this season 1v3. I wish him the best 🙏

  25. If anyone can do it, it's MonkeyMoon, but I'll enjoy watching LB try.

  26. I love the south and north bit for APAC.

  27. They are all 3 good players, wow they may not have a superstar on the team, they can still win games. We have seen ostensibly weaker teams make deep runs before. I like watching eekso play, I know less about relatingwave and kash. Just the moments I caught last season tells me they are far from bottom rung players.

  28. How the fuck do you not know much about Wave and Kash, and you're shitting on their team anyway? Wtf? This is a top 8 team in EU minimum, and I'm confident they'll make at least 2 or 3 grand finals this season online, and they'll make at a minimum 3/4 LANs. Relatingwave is a criminally underrated player, and he has been for too long, he's top 30 in the world for me. If Kash starts being more consistent, he'd be top 30 too as well. I watched Wave and Kash win Hoodyhooo's 2v2 tournament, as they played the likes of Ahmad and Khalid, Seikoo and Extra, and Atow and Acronik, and didn't lose a series. Wave's shooting looked insane, the guy wasn't missing, had a lot of top corner goals. Kash was just destroying everything and everyone. This isn't a team that's there to just make up the numbers, this is a serious team, with serious ambition, and they are actually gonna be terrifying to play against. Let's not forget that Wave was on a team that made every single LAN last season, and finished 3rd in the EU rankings, AND he's improved every single season he's played in since he started playing in RLCS. Kash is about to have a proper breakout year, he's finally ready. Eekso has also deserved this for a while, he's a nutty player, but people mostly talk about Kash on this team because for some reason a lot of people shit on Wave and Eekso. This team is gonna do big things.

  29. I watch eekso because I like his playstyle. I don't really follow teams, I follow individuals. I've never had a reason to follow wave or kash, they don't particularly stand out against the other equally good talent for me. I'm not entirely certain why you think I'm shitting on them, unless you believe not having some sort of fanatical devotion to players I know little to nothing about counts. Maybe you ought to chill out and reread what I said, minus the typo I can't be bothered to fix. At no point did I attempt to put myself forward as an expert on them as a team or individuals, I even said I needed to check out replays for kash and wave.

  30. I've had to show my proof of insurance here in TX when pulled over in the past year, FWIW.

  31. I don't think they are required to look it up, I just know they can. You can show proof electronically, you do not have to let them take your phone to do so.

  32. They definitely can, I was just providing some context for others. I would love it if everything was digital.

  33. Definitely YMMV territory. I'm a middle class, middle age, white male who always dresses in slacks and button down shirts. I don't think I've been asked for insurance in the last decade.

  34. As a fellow old person, give him hell. Also, constantly mispronounce his name and mix in some incorrectly used youth slang. It's the greatest weapon we have.

  35. If you want a great show that has learning and fun without the annoyances of Blippi, watch Ask the Storybots on Netflix.

  36. I would seconds this but I hate that theme song. It's running through my head again now. I sentence you to 12 minutes of Calliou.

  37. Milennial here, i'm loyal to my company, I get paid relatively well, have good chances to grow and am appreciated for what I do, and I get the freedom to fill in my job the way I see it.

  38. Similar situation. Family owned business, multiple generations and they all share the same vision. They treat me like family and have taken good care of me as an employee. I will likely stay here until I die or retire. I could make drastically more by job hopping but I do not know a single person in my field who can say they are treated with as much respect and trust.

  39. I imagine that comment was more to antagonize Rapid for going at his friend/teammate than be an actual in-depth analysis of NA's depth idk why people are holding it against him

  40. It's what we do. Nobody watches soap operas anymore so this is how we get our drama fix.

  41. Jack's YT content and 1's gameplay he's hoping to become the face of RL 1's as well as a major competitor as well as a big YT creator.

  42. Lol, Jack is moving to NA so he doesn't run into MENA players in 1s anymore. Can't convince me otherwise.

  43. Do you watch his channel? He loves playing those guys.

  44. Sorry, should have put a /jk at the end. So many videos of him playing oKhalid, at least now he has a shot of having equal ping if they both play in EU servers. I want to see 150 ping for each of them. The server won't know what to do, kickoff will be a mess.

  45. Little known fact, he got the mod role by quoting the personal history of every professional player starting at birth until the other mods fell asleep and he assigned it to himself. They were going to correct this issue but he then started regaling then with a passionate retelling of the rise and fall of WeDemGirlz and they quickly capitulated.

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