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  1. Thanks for all the kind words everybody! I’ve been continuing to work on this series and today I released part two. You can check it out on my Instagram

  2. Yes that would be wonderful! If there is no difference between holographic and reflective that is. The mining stickers we get issued have the same reflective properties as street signs and safety vests im not sure holograph does that

  3. I don’t think the holo I have ordered before is the same level of reflectivity as the 3M coating. I’ve never ordered black holographic ones before so I don’t know how that would turn out, but if you want to send me a PM I can send you a video of what it looks like in white and orange. Depending on how many you wanted I could potentially look into another supplier to see about the high reflectivity coating.

  4. If you play disc golf, Sedgley Woods is not far from Center City and can be played in an hour or so. There are also tons of walking trails in Fairmount Park and on Boathouse Row near the course. There are numerous excellent breweries throughout the city (Other Half and Tired Hands/St. Oners are my favorites). Reading Terminal as mentioned is a great food destination.

  5. I’m assuming you mean for the show on the 15th? What do you like to do? What area are you staying in?

  6. Hi everyone! To celebrate International Workers Day/May Day, I am sharing the text of my first zine about workers organizations and the Grateful Dead for free. This Zine features a brief primer on the history of the Labor Movement in the United States, intertwined with the lyrics, iconography, and musical spirit of the Grateful Dead.

  7. Huge thanks to everyone who ordered! My printer got these done a week ahead of schedule. I am packing orders now and will be dropping them off at USPS tomorrow and Wednesday. You'll get tracking info via email.

  8. Update! The shirts came a week a week earlier than expected and I'm currently packing up the preorders. Stickers are up in the shop!

  9. I’ll be posting them in a couple weeks after all the shirt preorders have shipped.

  10. My brother I knew you where gonna come through !! For Us Teamsters!! And you did!! Appreciate You !! Maybe in Va , in June !

  11. So how do we get some of these designs on stickers or patches. Some of these world be sick on a hard hat or work truck.

  12. I’ve got most of the stickers in hand with more arriving next week. Check out my shop here

  13. I love this! Not only am I blowing off work to catch the shows at The Gorge, I'm using my vacation time and they are paying me 🤣🤣

  14. Sorry you feel that way. The design is based on the logo for the international brotherhood of electrical workers, (

  15. Hey everybody! My friend dyed four of these shirts that I made and I wanted to share. They look amazing in person! You can check him out on Instagram at

  16. Hey man why don't you make a sticker for us crane operators?

  17. I’ll add it to the list along with the Teamsters and Postal Workers designs I’m working on!

  18. Might be a good idea to make those postal workers your priority haha!

  19. They keep my whole operation running! Lots of letter carriers are deadheads too!

  20. I get it. I don’t like the idea of it being misinterpreted either, but this NRA did a lot of good work!

  21. Original post got removed because this is considered vending, which is limited to one post per month in the Grateful Dead sub. Didn’t mean to break their rules, since I had deleted my last post from a couple weeks ago. Anyway, description copied here:

  22. This is amazing, spectacular art work and very informative write up! I'm currently on the bargaining committee for my union. We've been bargaining for over two years and so I've definitely been leaning on the Dead to keep my motors running.

  23. I feel your pain! I was on our negotiations team in our first contract. It took almost two years and went into arbitration. Good luck with your organization!

  24. I love the Cumberland one! Cumberland Blues is my go-to get pumped for work song, especially when I just don't want to go

  25. Was there yesterday. Everything was good, we especially liked the curry squash pizza.

  26. Here’s a few of my friends: @9thinningjams @those_rusty_strings @somesaxyart @vocalcharismatics

  27. Just got to our seats at 7:40. Merch line was around the corner and up the stairs. Have a great show everyone!

  28. Posting to follow this. Was thinking of going to Yards or Love City before the show but still undecided. I’ll have some of my BMFS and Dead stickers with me wherever we end up!

  29. I’m a graphic designer who makes mostly Grateful Dead and Philly inspired stickers. I also just launched preorders for my first shirt design, which is being printed by Awesome Dudes Printing. You can check me out on Instagram @saintcircumstance. Thanks for looking!

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