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  1. 🚨 BREAKING 🚨 Multiple sources confirm to me that Rep. Chris Stewart will announce he's resigning from Congress due to his wife's ongoing health issues. That announcement could come as early as this week #utpol

  2. The NC Supreme Court ruling is really bumming me right now. Is there at least some sort of silver-lining to all of this gerrymandering case?

  3. The Washington Senate just passed #SB5768 to guarantee uninterrupted access to mifepristone, used in nearly 60% of abortions. "We cannot allow an unelected judge to deny Washingtonians a safe, effective medication for their reproductive choice." —Sen. Karen Keiser #WALeg

  4. NEW: Texas Senate passes #SB1933 on a party line vote, a bill that would empower the governor-appointed secretary of state to take over election oversight from local county officials. The bill now goes to the Texas House.

  5. Two weeks ago a judge ordered the public library in Llano County, TX to return books banned by conservative activists. Now, this week county officials will meet to discuss eliminating the library entirely.

  6. another feather in the "republicans are increasingly just fascists, and need to be analyzed with that in mind" cap

  7. as expected, republicans are already moving to block, stifle, and make miserable the counties seeking to reinstate the immorally expelled tennessee legislators:

  8. Can they be re-expelled? Not for the same offense, I thought.

  9. Hate to throw some cold water on here but Tennessee is a Trump+27 state. Nothing gonna change with that kind of entrenchment. Ron DeSantis won the same year Parkland happened and that was a state Trump won by 5 percent in 2016.

  10. I know this is an activist sub, but Goddamn it’s getting bleak. Stochastic terrorism should be synonymous with the GOP, fascist fucks.

  11. it's getting worse in some places but it's getting much better in others (a lot of blue states have jumped at the opportunity to go ham with domestic policy), and there's definitely a check on how much worse it can universally get as long as democrats hold either the presidency or a chamber of congress

  12. So expulsion is certain? Can they just campaign nationwide on we hate democracy and want to go the route of Hungary or Russia?

  13. it's not certain, but everything sort of implies they have the votes for it and i mean... do you normally call out the national guard for a vote like this you think is going to fail?

  14. i think there are two takeaways from this week so far, which are: 1) democrats should aspire to get meaner and more forceful about everything we're fighting to preserve and expand, particularly in red states; and 2) it's good to be optimistic, but oh boy are things not trending in a good direction right now in a whole lot of states.

  15. we have just gotten some word on why the D->R flip happened in NC, and i am losing my mind:

  16. a struck IRA provision is back and better as a standalone bill, although i'm not sure it'll have the votes to pass:

  17. She's primarying Biden, not at all likely to go anywhere with it though

  18. echelon insights bothered to poll it and right now she registers at 10% nationwide and doesn't even come close to outpolling biden in the 18-34 demographic so yeah, she's currently a glorified protest vote option

  19. Don't demean 10%! It means she's being kept in the conversation!

  20. if she's lucky she might win some of those west virginia counties in protest, which would be kind of funny

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