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  1. It’s funny, I think those roles are so polar opposite.

  2. Doug drinking his own urine isn’t necessarily a compulsive tendency, it’s more that he’s trying to save as much of Mother Earth’s water supply.

  3. To avoid bottle bombs be diligent about how much sugar you add to your bottles.

  4. Thanks for your input. I puréed a bunch of blueberries and pomegranate seeds, then strained out the particulates. I didn’t add any more sugar, since I think I may have over-sweetened the brew during 1F.

  5. Your bottles are a very full. Not much room for the pressurized brew to expand. I fill to just below the neck. And maybe burp every couple of days.

  6. I appreciate the input. I was told an inch, so that’s what I tried to do. I suppose wasn’t planning to burp it, but I suppose I’ll need to burp, just to be safe.

  7. Looks fine to me. The pellicle is starting to form and will spread across the surface, edge to edge.

  8. I honestly think a main issue with AHStories is that they only have one episode to tell the entire story, so things can often feel rushed and out of place.

  9. Maybe if there's a Janet in a neighborhood they rename their Janet to be Rachel or something. My laptop was named "YouStupidBench's Mac" before I changed it, if you can rename a laptop surely you can rename a Janet.

  10. I believe this may be at the Boston Tea Party museum.

  11. What about towns that charge a fee to pay a fine/traffic ticket using a credit card?

  12. Not sure about this law, but municipalities are exempt from a lot of state laws. For example, they are not required to pay MA minimum wage. However, most of them still do, so they don’t miss out on qualified applicants.

  13. I like Tenoch, for their Al Pastor. Jefe’s is good if you want a giant burrito for $10.

  14. I’ve heard about the plastic bag method. Basically do what you did, but put a ziploc sandwich bag over the top of the bottle, and open from the outside of the bag. That way, when it shoots up, it runs down the inside of the bag, and collects in your bowl, saving your ceiling from any potential showers.

  15. I’ve never tried a dehydrated SCOBY. I used the dregs of a few bottles of Dave’s GT Gingerade. It took quite a while to form, but I definitely had the time to wait! Lol.

  16. That looks like the pellicle is starting to form. As long as the liquid isn’t jostled, it should fully form over the entire surface, in another couple days. Then it will start to thicken.

  17. I think that’s why Michael was able to torture Chidi. It’s not so much about Chidi potentially killing a fake person. It’s more that Michael knew Chidi would not be able to make a choice, yet his indecision would still have deadly consequences, which in turn would cause Chidi further stress.

  18. So…OP…two years later…what did you end up doing? I’m curious because I’m about to start bjj in about a week, and would love to break out one of my old practice singlets. Just far less restrictive and I feel like it would allow me to have better range.

  19. Should I have chicken parm for dinner tonight?

  20. Maybe a little, but the creators and writers said they were inspired by 80s rock ballads. So much so that they nicknamed the some “total eclipse of the witch”

  21. The Wicked Witch of the West in UOAT is not the same witch as the Wicked Witch of the West in Wicked. One is Zelena, and one is Elphaba, so I don’t think there’s really any connection to be made there.

  22. She’s the Wicked Witch of the West. She has referred to herself as “wicked” many, many times over the course of the show.

  23. Shida is currently involved with the Saraya/Toni storyline.

  24. really??? the women's champions have been Japanese, American, English. A Transgender African american wrestler, Mexican. And Jade has been dominating in the TBS picture....seems like they are doing ok

  25. Not to mention the ROH women’s champion, under TK, has been a Latina and an African American.

  26. I got the midori and coffee mate ready to go, somebody bring the ditchwater!

  27. Don’t know about a sushi train, but you can just go across Route, to Minado!

  28. There are no elected officials left because all their terms have expired and it's been impossible to hold new elections. However some kind of caretaker positions remain at the head of various government agencies even if they can't really make new policies.

  29. If you’re referring to the Prime Minister, there’s been significant disagreement, regarding his legitimacy, after the Presidential Assassination.

  30. If you’re willing to pay, try the Courtyard North Station garage.

  31. I gotta go with the classic…face has heel in a waistlock, heel pulls ref in and lowblows the face.

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