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  1. Would also add the Ledaig 10, Benromach 10, Craigaellchie 13.. All under 100 and all available at the LCBO. Good luck!

  2. What does this bottle sell for in the US? $160 for a bottle of Bourbon seems insane.

  3. I personally find with all scotches that neck pours are generally not a good gauge for the quality of the nectar inside. That being said it, I found it to taste a little young ie fairly bold flavours. Going to let it sit for month and hopefully it opens up a little more.

  4. Well report back after letting it sit a month and hopefully it softens up.

  5. Unreal, it's half the price elsewhere in Canada.

  6. Is this batch any good? Any lone tried?

  7. Terrific, I went by there again today because they have 4 Bunnahabhain 18s in the cabinet. Not even listed on the LCBO app.

  8. Is the viewing still on for Sundays race?

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