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A part of the human population can voluntarily control the tensor tympani. tensor tympani is a muscle within the ear. Contracting this muscle produces vibration and sound. The sound is usually described as a rumbling sound.

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  1. Like they would say “ big ass company”

  2. That next door balcony looks a little sketchy

  3. Who would say June is early year?

  4. To me it sounds like a high pitch ring

  5. Watching Ceremor on twitch, has some long 20 hour solo vids.

  6. I’d like to see races, and every race has a different set of sub stats.

  7. It’s important, not everyone has so much money they can guarantee get this game should they want to lol. It’s interesting for others to gauge and it’s important info for the devs to take into account when deciding a price point.

  8. Yeah, I doubt the devs will come here for important info. Also they already said a price, so yeah this poll is stupid. “Derp I would spend 500 dollars!!!” Lol okay cool important info for the devs right there.

  9. It’s the same dude recently that was taking advantage of a drunk passed out girl caught on stream.

  10. But the models are UE assets, you and I could buy them right now and make a game with them lol.

  11. Also, some of UE stuff is free for anyone to use.

  12. My dude was sweating with excitement

  13. Awesome!!! Love the front mission box.

  14. n-x says:

    Putting Chris Pratt in a movie is excellent anti piracy protection. Nobody is gonna bother downloading that.

  15. If a guy brought me home and showed me this as his collection, I'd cringe. I say this as an avid collector, too.

  16. Wait till you see OP’s shrek collection.

  17. That’s cool and all, but what is with your Shrek collection man?

  18. And Angela games denied ever using stolen code riiiiight up until the courts proved it was stolen. IronMace wouldn’t come out and say they stole code, of course they’re going to say they’re innocent.

  19. Yup your comment history checks out.

  20. Oh no, I’m forced to reiterate the same points over and over again because nobody in this subreddit has looked up the facts of the case. You got me, I’m so terrible.

  21. Your points are opinions, and you the say “ the fact they might’ve done something illegal”. You are just making accusations and stirring shit. Stfu, I don’t care if you played this game or didn’t, have a fun read on the discord numbskull.

  22. So it is true that Koreans are not with the reddit on this? really really disappointing to hear. But I guess Nexon feels closer to home?

  23. Lol because someone post I’m Korean and types all that crap?

  24. I saw another one yesterday had to be A.I.

  25. Well maybe if the worst happens they just dump it and it’s playable at the state it’s in.

  26. Unless you’re a Korean lawyer probably not.

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