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  1. It's weird how in the offense not everyone touches the ball for several processions. No flow.

  2. this all depends on when you feel that you need additional equipment, but from the look of your arsenal, you are missing high rg-low diff pieces.

  3. Some context would be helpful. Is this a science or literature class? It's all the details.

  4. I recommend playing tour 2 until you get EM8. Practice your accuracy. You'll find that you play better the less overpower you use.

  5. I can't really diagnose what is wrong in your game, but you need to figure out how to make your spares. You gave away 50 pins in that game.

  6. I don't think the teams offensive scheme fits the personal. Thibs is doing what's in vogue in the league when the teams strength is paint scoring.

  7. So-called "lower-end" balls are more than enough on your typical house shots. Most of my arsenal is mid to lower-end balls and I avg 210+

  8. I did not know that shot selection was an illness. All jokes aside, he should take a page from his countrymen, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and play more efficiently.

  9. I don't think you need a knife to change ink into a fountain pen. Did the pen survive?

  10. I would say google keep but I'm afraid of the longevity of the app

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