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  1. i was going to buy a last minute ticket for their first night but decided i'd be too tired at work the next day. and then taylor swift was a surprise guest 😬 i regret not doing it! but i have a ticket for finsbury so there will be more chances!

  2. i keep even our most well behaved dog on a leash in public. the only time they're not is when we rent out a private field. even the best behaved dog can get spooked and freak out. fuck this owner

  3. "i should have asked you questions, i should have asked you how to be....all your closets of backlogged dreams and how you left them all to me"

  4. They won’t arrest her…. They’ll arrest the drag queens..

  5. yeah as much as i definitely want her to come out in support (she hasn't said anything so far...) this move would only put the drag performers at risk

  6. it pisses me off so much how they're always stanning him for being the best boyfriend and reposting this with comments like GET YOURSELF A JOE OMG JOE!!! like the absolute bare fucking minimum you should expect of any partner is their support for your career. STOP LETTING MEN GET AWAY WITH MEDIOCRITY

  7. She was never a bad singer (although they were never her strong suit) but I’ve noticed Taylor Swift’s vocals have improved from the first half of her career to the second. I could tell especially on “Fearless (Taylor’s Version) how much her voice changed and matured.

  8. i feel this also has something to do with how she is noticeably healthier these days

  9. The cover for this playlist 🫶🏼😭 on my period and currently CRYING because I’m gonna see this beautiful person perform very soon and I can’t believe it 😭😭😭

  10. you have no idea how obsessed i am with this custom versace bodysuit 😭 it is beautiful

  11. i usually hate festivals but i think i have to experience glasto at least once. i just need to find someone to go with

  12. I’d definitely go with you because I don’t have any friends that likes them 🙄

  13. and i have nobody willing to go to a festival it's perfect! we have til october to make a game plan

  14. I know this is their job, but their schedule for the next couple months seems absolutely brutal.

  15. i would LOVE this. sean is an extremely respectful and introspective interviewer who keeps things about their creative work unless the interviewee offers up anything personal. the only reason i know she wouldn't is because there is no way she's getting past the third wing lol

  16. If she got pit seating she'll be screwed. I got ground standing tickets to a Metallica concert and was one of the first people to show up as gates opened so I was practically right up next to the stage, 3-4 hours later so many assholes just pushed their way to the front fence that I ended up a good 5-6 feet further back than when I started. I didn't end up doing anything because some woman with her family got the shit kicked out of her trying to get back to her family in front of me, with her kid. I love the artist and all but between that, some other shit that happened that night and the blood clots in my legs from standing in relatively the same spot for 8 hours, I wouldn't do it again.

  17. About You from the 1975 samples Champagne Problem. In the background of their 2nd chorus and on you can hear the short piano melody at the end of Champagne Problems. The themes are also cohesive, they're sister songs.

  18. i mask in public places about 90% of the time (sometimes i do pop into a shop without a mask if i'm going to be quick) and people can judge me all they want but i like not being sick

  19. the dry wedding is not the issue but only offering WATER? can't even spring for some juice and soda? damn

  20. i totally get if she doesn't do meet and greets this tour, her show looks exhausting. does anyone know if they're still doing seat upgrades though?

  21. I think meet and greets are a thing of the past for her now TBH. She's done so much for the fans already, I think she deserves her privacy from here on out.

  22. yeah people don't seem to realise that not only could covid be extremely dangerous healthwise, but it would cost a fortune if she had to postpone or cancel shows. a lot of insurance policies won't cover covid cancellations and her tour is EXPENSIVE. it would be a logistical and financial nightmare to have to reschedule potentially up to 6 stadium shows.

  23. Not just manages him, Harry was in/officiated his wedding, and supposedly they are very close friends. I’m a Harry fan but he doesn’t always surround himself with the best people.

  24. Naked Florida man starts house fire after baking cookies on George Foreman grill

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