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  1. Why does my Great Tusk get Attack Boost from Proto in game but Speed boost on Showdown? Their stats are exactly the same.

  2. I can't think why that might be the case unless it's a bug in Showdown's implementation. Might be worth going to the Showdown forums to point it out in case that is what it is. They appreciate bugfix requests.

  3. Hey all, I am new to this community and would like some help on an early Christmas gift to myself. I have not kept up with the Pokémon franchise for a while (since the original episode) and I’m stuck in deciding what Pokémon game for the switch I should get. I’m indecisive between Pokémon let’s go or Pokémon shining pearl. I’ve heard both good and bad things about both of these games so I need some help in deciding which of the two would be the best. I like these games as they are an introduction to new players like myself. Any advice I would get would be greatly appreciated! Thx :)

  4. To add to the other commenters, Let's Go has a free demo on the Switch eShop that I highly recommend trying out if you think you might be interested in it.

  5. Why would they be unable to open a missing link account and if they can't they could probably rebrand the official Union X account to be Missing Link

  6. Twitter account management has been really screwy recently since M*sk took over; I haven't heard specifically that that's extended to new account creation, but I've heard of it affecting pretty much every other aspect of account management so I wouldn't be surprised.

  7. think the only reason that I know people still play the original KH2 is to exploit that one bug to get a nohit bossrun on the lingering will.

  8. Not good, just rare. This is his first time back in three years and iirc only his second time back since he debuted.

  9. Does anyone have any advice on which spell to upgrade in Trey? Or are they pretty much equal?

  10. General principles that go for all cards, Trey included but not limited to Trey: The first spell is cheaper, but the second is more powerful. So probably go for the first one unless for some reason you anticipate using Trey in the future.

  11. What is y’all next Pokémon game to come or Gen 10? I beat the game and I’m just excited for the next one! 😁

  12. Based on past precedent, we expect DLC to be released throughout 2023 and then collected in a SV+DLC cartridge that will take the 2023 retail holiday release slot. Then something unknown that isn't a new generation in the 2024 holiday release slot (this could be another Let's Go, another Legends, a straight-up normal remake, or they could surprise us with something else different from usual). And then Gen 10 in the 2025 holiday release slot.

  13. Compared to the Ultra games. They are 80% identical, but then in the climax, the Ultra games change a bunch of character motivations that make them nonsensical in retrospect. The story was written well in Sun/Moon and then Ultra changed things to create a twist that doesn't fit in the story they shoved it into.

  14. One of Miraheze's servers had a hardware issue that knocked out about 500 of Miraheze's 5500 wikis.

  15. Also looks like it was restored from an out-of-date backup from around August or so (the EN Server Events list is missing both Halloweens from Sept-Nov, Scarabia Training Camp from Oct, Camp Vargas in Sept, NRC Joint Exam 2 which iirc was in August or so, every birthday bash since Leona's at the start of August, etc etc).

  16. lol pokemon fans when they see that bad characters can turn good, lusamine from SM and USUM are completely different too, it's obvious seeing the motives of the two and the reactions of their actions finally coming

  17. You cannot trade on a past update, unfortunately. The game requires you to update to the current version in order to trade.

  18. I- huh? I don't know if it's just me but I cant find the 'whats coming'. If I go through your link it is there? This really might be some sort of first draft?

  19. It's pretty ordinary that we can access What's Coming posts and other news posts slightly early (hours or maybe a day or two) by URL manipulation before they get publicly posted on the website overall.

  20. So everyone can keep working on their cards for Chapter 6. Doubt it will be in January with Anniversary stuff and almost certainly New Year's, but hey, I was wrong about Harveston. (But right about Book 6 not being in December.)

  21. This is what you'll recognize the old NHN Playart logo looked like

  22. “Who else misses having dozens of npcs to talk to in every town to give you hints and expand the world??”

  23. In my opinion, no. I had played it once when it came out in the JP version, I actually played hard to reach the goal as the bar moves up little by little...I did reach the supposed goal of around 30,000 something points, but I still didn't get the Skill ticket, pin and 2,000 coins. Waste of time, tbh

  24. The goal floats higher to compensate for players overshooting it (or at least, it did in JP and it was supposed to in Int'l but doesn't appear to be doing it in Int'l), and you only get the prizes if you're over the goal at the end of the event. So it probably floated, after you looked last, from 30,000 to higher than the score you ended on.

  25. Does anyone know stardust lore in pokemon? I've searched and have found nothing! Just what gen it originated. Would love to hear conspiracies but want true lore. Can anyone help?

  26. But in pokemon go it makes pokemon stronger! There has to be something. It's gone from being in a sand bag to being used in a clear spray bottle. Is it like actual stardust like ours? How do they retrieve it in the first place in the pokemon world? It's considered mysterious is all I know. Oh well. Thanks.

  27. Wow, this is earlier than I expected us to get next month's leaks! Thank you as always, zombish!

  28. Here's a (very long, rambly) analysis I made a couple months ago

  29. Some of the prize requirements change to be higher over time. As our overall average point total goes up, the point value requirements for the various badges goes up, too. For instance, I think the crown prize started out this event at either 8k points or 10k points and now it's at 12k points. Over the 3 remaining days we can expect that to continue floating up further.

  30. Thank you for the detective work. I first checked the rewards shortly after the event debuted when I woke up at 3 AM to use the bathroom. Lazily played 2 games to earn the first reward and achieve bronze prize, scanned the reward tiers, then went to bed again. When I woke up for the day I had to play a couple more games to get bronze level again, the reward tier for crown was definitely 12k at that point, and I remember thinking it moved from what I saw earlier.

  31. Hm, weird. And the crown threshold still hasn't moved even now... I almost wonder if they ran into some kind of glitch or error preventing them from raising the thresholds. It just doesn't make sense for it to raise a bit at first and then not at all for like two days after that.

  32. Are we still trying to count let’s go as a remake and not a side series?

  33. tbh, after being so burned out from this never ending Halloween event(it's Thanksgiving in America as of the posting of this comment). The resolution was so lame....and frustrating. Pretty much agree with everything

  34. I would desperately love for it to happen, but my expectations aren't high, for this reason: The International server of Tsum Tsum serves almost every country in the world outside Japan. But the EN server of Twisted Wonderland serves only the United States. Therefore, running the collab event in Int'l Tsum Tsum would cause players in all those other countries to be confused and possibly anger them when they find out they can't play the game that the collab event is advertising to them. Or worse (from Disney's perspective), being unfamiliar with those characters could cause them to skip those event months in Tsum Tsum, meaning they wouldn't be tempted to pay for in-app purchases.

  35. If I can hypertrain a pokemon, is there a point to breeding perfect IVs? Are they the same thing?

  36. They're the same thing. Breeding just means you don't have to spend money on bottle caps or level the Pokemon up to 50 (100 in past games) to make it eligible for hyper training. Breeding also means you can pass the IVs down to further children (hyper trained IVs do not pass down).

  37. I don’t use these tsums at all so my vote is no. I think Jack Sparrow used to be a relatively good coin earner but I could be wrong.

  38. Ha ha ha........ back in 2017, I started the game a month before he came out and went super, super hard grinding to go all in on him because he was supposed to be pretty close to the top tsum at the time. Then the next month and two months after that, respectively, Jedi Luke and Gaston came out and blew him out of the water. I was devastated lmao.

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