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  1. Not really. Manuals are inferior in almost all cases, and automatic is required in every hybrid. Not to mention that EVs don't even have them.

  2. There are several hybrids with manual transmissions, the CRZ is the newest I can think of.

  3. The CRZ is not a true hybrid, but a "mild" one, where the motor only assists the ICE. It can't run exclusively on the electric motor, like Toyota/Lexus, Mazda, or other brands afaik.

  4. His wardrobe department needs to step it up though. He is clearly missing a cape.

  5. Speaking about wardrobe and stepping up

  6. Yea, because to overtake you need to drive at high speed, not overtaking a 120km/h vehicle with 122km/h.

  7. What the fuck does an overtaking speed have to do with people staying and driving 160 in the left lane?

  8. We also pay for cars and roads and gas.

  9. Onaj dio između Zaprešića i Sesveta.

  10. Just be aware that it adds extra considerations if you're trying to write portable scripts.

  11. I know this is a post necro, but could you expand on that? Planning on rewriting some "god" scripts.

  12. You need to solve the problem of either how to bundle zx with your scripts, or ensure that it's otherwise available to whoever/whatever is running them.

  13. Yeah. In a project that's already orchestrated using npm, it makes sense to use nx instead of running shell scripts through npm scripts.

  14. I don’t understand the benefit. That seems more verbose than the typescript it generates. What’s the point? What’s a real world use case for writing that instead of just writing the typescript?

  15. Generating and modifying code for different products, release variants, environments and the likes.

  16. Companies only do something to sell stuff. They don't change the colour of their logo to pride colours during pride month because they care. They just don't wanna earn bad press or get cancelled. Everyone who thinks different is naive.

  17. I honestly don't understand people buying into this whole corporate wokeness. It's there to generate revenue as it currently sells.

  18. Yes. Way too many idiots on the road who act like the left lane is the Autobahn and the right one is for the rest of the plebian scum.

  19. Jedva čekam da se uvede porez na nekretnine pa da stranci moraju početi plaćati za svoje vikse.

  20. Buraz, samo dalje rokaj. Nitko sretniji u gymu nego ljudi kad vide nekog da se trudi i da ima rezultate.

  21. Automatske puške u konzumu.

  22. I got really excited about this but was disappointed to see it's way less performant than Lodash's cloneDeep()

  23. It is? Wow. How does it compare functionality-wise? I see a lot of limitations in structuredClone

  24. Japanese devs gonna japanese dev

  25. I just hope they'll fix the S21FE's touchscreen firmware:

  26. Is it just me or do the characters look a bit distorted? Like if you'd stretch out a 4:3 aspect ratio into a 16:9 ratio but just for the characters and just enough to be noticeable.

  27. Yep. And people are downvoting me for stating the same thing. It's 21:9 mastered to 16:9. It's just bad mastering.

  28. It's intentional, it's meant to look like that

  29. It's intentionally badly mastered?

  30. Mislim da ne, mozda redar dobi 20% + dnevno dvije kave

  31. Zovi opet, snimi situaciju, postaj o kojoj birtiji se radi i pozovi i poreznu jer sigurno ne izdaju račune za te ležaljke.

  32. Ovaj video je destilat iskustva turizma na našoj obali. Ima sve. Uključujući i konstantno tuljenje.

  33. Oh, so this is why my Google assistant doesn't work anymore.

  34. Stale closures and the dance you need to do with memoization and useRef to get around them.

  35. Ma ova drzava je kurac od drzave al bolja je od srbije al da smo pičke pičke smo na samu rič o ratnoj ošteti ovim debilima u saboru se ledi krv u žilama glavno da sbija kupuje nove avione helikoptere picke materine a mi nesmimo ništa .Umisto da vršimo pritisak na njih mi im pomažemo da uđu u eu ...

  36. I sve što si ti izvukao od ovoga je "jebem ti Srbiju".

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