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  1. I was like you in until this years. All my friends was from high school or collage. Volunteering activities keep my friendlist refreshed. I meet a lot of people people and some of them was pretty decent persons to working around with. The foundation that i go is helping homeless people to participate in society. They use volunteers for the food distribution and you participate by dm. But my experience is just one example. Find a hobby that requires other people and hobby that easy to find other people.

  2. gta online ın ekmeğini köküne kadar yemeyi amaçlıyorlar bu kesin

  3. Sağdan sola okumalı manga diziliminden ötürü bir artı kazandın

  4. Bence can beyin fikirlerine körü körüne çok bağlanıyoruz. Konudan bağımsız bu tarz eleştirileri görünce içimde bir tuhaflık hissettiğim oluyor.

  5. Karadeniz neden çağlar boyu savaş'ın uzay çağı panzerine benziyor?

  6. If ya want to avoid being a simp, just follow these simple rules:

  7. King, sometimes letting someone else can be very very hard. Because we tend to define ourself with others sometime. Stalking her account will help nothing you know that better than me. The change is up to you king be confident treat yourself like a guest. Be the person that you feel comfortable life is going away do not waste yourself. Take really good care of yourself king.

  8. King, its okey to stay away from people that you do not like. Some people consume your life and the life is most valuable thing you have you cannot waste it. But at the same time sometimes just for a pride we let our loved ones fade away. Stay in yourself listen learn what you really want be sure to know that there may not be chance to get her back do you really let her go. Only you know the answer king. Stay safe.

  9. King, know that pain is part of your emotions do not try to refuse it because they are part of you they are lied on within. Its is very sad that you break up with your boyfriend it is pretty messed up. But nobody indispensable in your life even your family. Because in normal life time you will live longer than them. So embrace the sadness it is not bad. But do not let that sadness shackle you in the past. Keep your eyes on the future king.

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