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  1. If this was every game this series, we be up 5-0

  2. Warriors should just have an NBA style logo with a silhouette of Curry flexing or shooting a 3

  3. Okay which one of you payed for the Stephen Curry MasterClass tonight?

  4. Get Carter. Good pash rush will help any defense backs

  5. Houston the more exciting pick. I hope they go Defense so we can see some trades.

  6. Fuck they could’ve been on the clock this whole time???

  7. Warriors are really truly dependent on getting that whistle in the paint, no doubt as to why their home/away differential is so huge.

  8. We were literally 30th in the league in FTs per game and nearly identical home vs away. You know who was 5th?

  9. You guys light a beam… What has your org done?

  10. $180 for a hat??? That's gonna be a no from me dog

  11. Why are the reasons “everyone” is saying it’s not safe? Of course it’s safe. Took Bart from Dublin to the Coliseum yesterday with no issues.

  12. Klay took a swim in the Sacramento River before this game

  13. So if we like do the opposite of what we’re doing we’ll be fine

  14. Harry B missing wide open shots in the playoffs? I’ve seen this movie before

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