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  1. The first character you open will crash the game and you'll lose that progress, but the rest of them should work

  2. What sub-genre would this track fall under? Want to make something like it but don't know what else sounds like this to get other inspiration.

  3. I'm pretty sure that's a latin techno house song slowed down by like 5 -15%, which is pretty common to do when playing live in a rave. It's like this song just slowed down:

  4. Yea, once youtube vanced quits working if I cant find a replacement youtube is getting dropped.

  5. I've heard someone claim that Space Beth killed regular Beth because she commented on her clothes.

  6. The clothes comment makes me think Space Beth and Mom Beth are going to switch places

  7. I think you're talking about Star Signs, and don't worry about them. You can eventually change these from what you originally picked and unlock new ones down the line

  8. "hey grandpa, can I have $300 to buy the new Assassin's Creed 27??"

  9. Alchemy is a long slow process. Focus on base stat and damage bubbles, as well as first tier skill bubbles. They're all insanely good.

  10. Well he has like 70 episodes or something to make now so I'm assuming each season will be its own longer storyline more like Stranger Things or something in that vein. There's only so much random single episode stories you can write before it gets repetitive which is why I think season 5 didn't go so well. I'd personally prefer spending half a season on a single villain/story arc at this point so there can be more depth

  11. You don't need an iLok to use Ableton and can't store the license on one as far as I'm aware

  12. Thanks bot, I am currently seeing a psychotherapist but wanted some magickal perspective

  13. Check prayers, cards, talents. Could have the sampling prayer on or have had the bonus exp prayer on when you checked last. Any sources of skill exp will affect this

  14. Depends on the cost vs benefit for each bubble I don't think there's a sheet for anything like this. At late game you'll just be upgrading bubbles to use mats, so just push bubbles until you feel like you don't wanna pay the cost (eg multikill bubble is like 8k blue salt with 90% discount at level 50 and won't even give 1% multikill per tier)

  15. Played the original Rayman game for like 4 hours straight when I was about 6 years old and mum yelled at me to go outside because video game aren't real. Still my favourite game of all time

  16. Gold anvil and crystal printer are the two you really need no questions asked, upgrades like cauldrons, forge etc can help. Unlocking the 4 card slots is really good, you should also get a few teleports

  17. I'm not 100% sure but I think it just displays the double drop in with your normal afk gains. I've noticed sometimes two drops of ladles come out instead of one when you claim gains but have never got a 'double ladle' popup like you would with exp or anything

  18. I don't think so, there's just no visual cue. I could be wrong, but my guy cooking gets about 110 ladles a day and I claimed afk gains after 7 hours and got 61 ladles, they dropped in two piles as well. So assuming it works because there's no way I would get that many ladles in that time without it

  19. I'm at 1/26 and this is with only have one chip that doubles card bonuses. If I could get another chip I'd be able to double the poop card bonus too for another +50.

  20. yeah i need to farm chaotic cards and get some card doublers. At least there isnt much I can do that will be free

  21. platinum genie card, put in bottom right, use both omega chips to double top left and bottom right card effects. both poop and genie would give 250% crystal spawn that way

  22. ahhhhhhh card doubler chips I totally forgot about those. Time to gamble my money

  23. You need to get 1m kills on every w1-3 mob to get the efficiency bonus, I get 110 ladels a day, but my afk rate is 130%, so without that it's more like 80

  24. If you leave him afk long enough to kill 20k of them in one afk session you'll get a guaranteed drop. Doesn't include multikill or any kill per kill bonus. There is a calculator for this somewhere maybe someone will post it!

  25. Yamato is so traumatized by Kaido that she can be Oden for as long as she wants. She earned that shit

  26. Something I found out today is you can press the hammer again after you click produce and it makes your produce 2x of that one thing. Can get up to 3x with the bubble and gold anvil, that should save some time

  27. Finally got the Pyrite gem that increases connection length today and now I can get everything I have atm with 7 characters, couldn't even reach the vials before that - such a game changer

  28. My first real success with magick was when I did a sigil for “I see a man wearing camouflage.” And then seeing a man I’ve never seen before walking down my country road as I sat on the porch smoking a cigarette.

  29. For some reason just how random this is makes it super profound. I've never thought about doing magick for stuff like this. Was there any deeper reason for making that sigil or just off the cuff?

  30. There's also a prayer that drops 20x shinies instead of one, but reduces your chance by 20x. Not great unless you can use higher tier traps to get the 20x or 60x shiny chance but once you get there shinies won't be a problem

  31. The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram invokes the archangels associated with the quarters by way of circumambulation. The skrying of pentagrams essentially opens a portal between the ordered and pre-ordered cosmos (chaos); we conjure raw aether through the portal with ritual gestures and give it shape with words of power (magical formulae + vibration); and we use it to construct a column of light around us, insulating us from Qlippothic influences.

  32. That's interesting, how does the pentagram open a portal? And do the invoking/banishing pentagram create different kinds of portals?

  33. Most of the answers you're looking for can be found in the original Golden Dawn source material and in Aleister Crowley's comments on the material since his system is based on it. Some of John Michael Greer's books may explain more too - he has several that discuss the system in depth.

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