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  1. I wouldn't mind them bringing back Bragging Rights as an exhibition esque PL shortly after another, a bit like Forbidden Door for AEW.

  2. If Target's socks are so poorly organized that Cabana bought the wrong ones, than maybe the Elite are qualified to manage one

  3. Brodie memorial show did it for me. It was so sad but so touching to see the entire wrestling world seem to stop for an instant to celebrate a beloved man.

  4. I was doing great until Rowan held up "I will see you again, Brother" sign.

  5. This is the best thing they could do right now to save some face for Strowman, make him become homies with a few floppers

  6. °° October has passed and with it so has Extreme Robots' penultimate stop on their 2022 Championship Season - with over 20 machines & 2,000 fans pulling into the Maidstone Leisure Centre for a weekend of Team Battles, UK All-Stars & surprisingly 3 Extreme Robots Heavyweight Title Fights! We discuss the 2022 XR Debut of King Buxton, the continuing rivalry of Zadkiel & AfterShock, Team Awe & Team Invade's championship feud + more on this TCC Episode! °°

  7. I wouldn't say Battle Royale - this reminds me a lot of Tag Team Apocalypto from TNA in 2016!

  8. Chase Wright. Played with the Yankees like 2 months - that was it

  9. The Mysterios having a full Christmas tree and giant inflatable nutcracker up before Thanksgiving dinner is even cold is truly incomprehensible

  10. It really does feel like a piece of that 2010-2012 goodness is back in Texas knowing that Mike Maddux is a Ranger again.

  11. CODEZ or whatever the hell reginald called now better hack them a higher rating 💀💀💀

  12. Yo Andre Chase unironically hits one of the hardest poses in wrestling

  13. YESSS And I would love Titus WORLD-WIDE to return, too. Titus as his manager was short lived, but he and Tozawa made a fun duo

  14. Get that group back together. Dana was fun there too!

  15. I love WWE's new approach for that NXT Takeover esque 6 matches for most PPVs.

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