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  1. Dude stg’s and panzershreks weren’t used at Stalingrad or Kursk, so I don’t think it matters if something was not present in a battle

  2. It doesnt matter but it would be cool, I don't get what you're trying to say?

  3. I wouldn't advise that for anyone, it's a modded server and only a matter of time until BM drop the hammer on everyone who's boosted using that server.

  4. Its not a modded server? There isnt any code that boosts speed or XP or anything... Its just people who dont want to spend hundreds of hours on the terrible leveling system in the game.

  5. Looked up a comparison, they're more different than I remember but then again I have to say: who gives a shit, the icons dont affect anything, my only issue is how inlegible they are due to their size

  6. Hoooolyyyyy actual autism, impressive work fellow baj

  7. There are no neutral olympic athletes. The whole point of the event is so that governments can rub their dicks in other countries faces. Maybe if the Russian people see that they're not invited at all to the olympics, they'll finally start to realize how much Putin has fucked them.

  8. So you think if the world blocks Russian athletes from competing the Russian people will be like "Yo fuck Putin, its his fault?" So naive. They will say "See, the west does hate us!"

  9. Could you link the timestamp in the vod if you recall when it was?


  11. Your weapon awlays had significantly less first shot recoil in semi-auto than in full auto.

  12. Did I say it didn't reduce recoil at all? I said the recoil should be recuced even more

  13. You don't know what I did or did not imply, don't put words in peoples mouth. The guys response was "Well its sooooo obvious you had absolutely no idea that recoil got reduced by any amount in single fire I am here to correct you and tell you to educate yourself before typing 🤓".

  14. Makes sense. Just have the cheapest ammo and go

  15. Looks very professional, I really like it!

  16. Wow, blizzard has even reworkes the company ranked system /s

  17. Happened to my friend one raid. I couldnt see him, I had to reconnect. I'm not sure how it was looking to other players. He doesn't cheat or even play the game anymore, I bought it for him to try out and he stopped after like 5 raids or so, so def not cheating

  18. I'm on pc and has very little issue parrying 500ms lights prior to the CCU update. After the update droppes I could parry maybe every fifth light, and thats how it was for a long time.

  19. You can notice how in the first couple of hours I tried my best to interact with people who were commenting, even useless stuff like 'nah'. Eventually I came to my senses and realised its reddit...

  20. One way of addressing this scenario is not fucking with something that already works. No scenario that way.

  21. Don't give completely unrealistic and stupid scenarios so people won't have to try and argue against them, that would solve all of those scenarios

  22. Any class can get xp by driving the truck and dropping supplies. Commander and SL can get xp by buidling and dismantling garrisons. Engineer can get xp by placing down bunkers. Any class can get xp by building the bunkers with the hammer.

  23. They've been developing the game for years, and having to give no information on things and just say 'soon' has worked out for them. They will not change their tune

  24. 100% of at least some of their music ending up on the game. On a recent podcast Kojima said that he was planning to contact Rayan again about DS2 but he passed before that.

  25. I have tried the dx 12 and use all cores command, and while my fps did improve drastically, and I'm talking like +50 in some cases, it introduced constant stutters which I did not have before. Like, every 10 seconds or so

  26. I've heard of a number of situations like yours and sorry to say, they never get the account back, even though they paid 140 euro for it... Shitty that it happened to you, did you have 2FA and everything?

  27. Yeah, that's honestly very true :) Damn. You genuinely made me rethink my choices, didn't expect that at all. I've always been like "When I'm 70, I can't do much, everything hurts, my brain doesn't work etc. so I'm not sure why I would want to live that long". But then again, I do see plenty of old people enjoying their lives like everyone else. Hmmm.

  28. There are old people whos good habits made it so they can enjoy life even in the much later years and there are young people who are spiraling down their future qol with nonsensical things such as willingly becoming addicted to tobacco and similar.

  29. Well, you’ve unlocked platinum Reddit mode. Personally, I’d rather smoke. Besides, the lil buddy that’s busy being an asshat on Reddit will prob clock out at 53 from a stress induced heart attack while jogging, on a juice cleanse, with his Bluetooth in telling his mom how high his QOL karma is.

  30. Something I've said must have struck a cord with you which is unfortunate as my commend has no ill will towards anyone

  31. IIRC they will add it, Nikita said so but I'm guessing it needs some additional work that is not so simple so right now they're focusing on different things

  32. Why do you think it's broken and not simply something you have yet to learn and master?

  33. You pull sharply down and then do not touch it at all while praying to RNJesus that bullets go where they should, what is there to master?

  34. How much and how hard to pull down. When to stop. It's very simple in explanation, harder In execution.

  35. The only part of the recoil a player controls is the very beginning and thats it, you do not control any horizontal or vertical recoils past that point. The only skill required is tracking the player with your mouse as if firing a laser and hoping that the, now random recoil out of your control, puts shots as close to where youre aiming at.

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