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  1. Wow I never thought I’d see this record again. I had a copy of this back in the day. My family threw it away, along with all my other MCR merch and collectibles, right after I moved out.

  2. This one really touched me. I lost my grandmother a little over a year ago in an awful way, and I often think about her last smile, her last moments and when she knew it was time.

  3. Wow, yes. It’s something my mother would do all the time, to the point that I screamed and cried. I never connected the two, because even today I loathe being tickled and can’t stand when strangers casually touch me. My mother would sing a taunting song about me crying, then continue. When I was older, I punched her jaw when she wouldn’t stop and somehow played it off as an accident. Luckily it did stop after that. As usual, she couldn’t understand something unless it affected her directly.

  4. I don’t really like the full size frogs, they’re just okay imo, but love them in the buddy size! I was so happy when they made a mini Hoppy Swirls 🖤 I do think they focus on the frogs too much, and should space out the releases or just do a massive frog launch with plenty of stock, and let it be.

  5. I’m going FERAL rn, it’s been so long since I’ve been to one of her shows. I cannot wait to hear A&W live!! 😭

  6. Ugh me too! Just then 😭 It’s never said ‘requested’ before, just ‘following’. So clicked it for some reason

  7. That's the same thing that happened to me! I hope she opens it back up on March 24th.

  8. I’d kill for a My Chemical Romance LEGO set. Feel like the band would be into it, too 🖤

  9. It was taken down in anger after I asked for therapy for severe SH. My parents didn’t believe in therapy or even children having issues bc, to them, it implies they were lacking somewhere. Asking for that kind of help really set them off. Before that, I wasn’t able to close it without being yelled at or without someone slamming the door open, asking why I needed privacy. My GC sibling was allowed to have a locked door, and could do as he pleased. I can’t really think back on this time of my life in great detail because it’s a little clouded, and I still get angry for my younger self.

  10. So deserved 🖤 Crude Drawing, I Believe, Butterfly Net, and Smoke are my favorites of the new tracks. I refrained from listening to the live versions of Smoke and was so glad to listen to it with fresh ears. This is a great record, can’t wait to hear it live.

  11. The beagle (Bearemy’s Kennel Club 🖤) from 2003, I went with my Girl Scout troop at the time :) Its one of my fondest memories. Sadly my parents threw away all my childhood belongings when I moved out, he’s long gone 💔

  12. Out of all the albums picked so far, this is prb the best one. An absolute masterpiece with 14 tracks all still playable 25 years later.

  13. I completely agree! Several of their records still sound great today, they are timeless alt music. I caught them on their recent LCW 25th anniversary tour, it was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to 🖤

  14. Amazing shots, I love the first photo especially 🖤 Did you have a favorite of the new tracks?

  15. I gotta get one but they are sooo expensive. Did you buy yours from someone or find in the wild?

  16. I was lucky and got him in a trade, regular 5” Omar for this little guy. I think it was before the price blew up. Sending you luck, I hope you can get one for a fair price 🖤🤞

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