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  1. You make think buying into a suicide pact is sensible public policy but the rest of us are smarter and have more responsible values than that.

  2. It's not about values, it's about fucking reality. Optics have blinded you to the truth.

  3. OK there bud. You stick with whatever childish illusion mill you're following and the rest of us grownups will stick with the science and sensible responsible policy.

  4. What scientific, sensible responsible policy would that be?

  5. You couldn't receive medical attention for life threatening ailments? No, that is not a common occurrence.

  6. And was that a good thing or a bad thing? Do you think your community was safer because of it? Now remember back to the pandemic when we had lockdowns and even still had full capacity with excess deaths. Now think of what it would have been like with people driving and walking to work. Or doing heavy lifting and operating heavy equipment. Not locking down would have been much worse for excess deaths just like it would be if the hospitals got filled up again.

  7. It doesn't matter. We're conditioned to accept shitty government services and skeleton crew staffing in return for our tax dollars, and when we go to use those services we are chastised for having the temerity to expect competence.

  8. To all of the non-Americans acting shocked that we have ads on our gas pumps, it's worth mentioning that these screens don't ONLY show ads. They also show clips like prank videos, sports highlights, health tips, or pop news. It can actually be mildly entertaining, and it's not like you have much else to do while you're filling up anyway.

  9. Fuck man I'm putting in like $15 and it takes about seven seconds lmao

  10. In the US here, yes at some places, usually at top name brand stations. It's horrible and to me has the complete opposite effect of advertising - it will never make me buy that product and I will actively avoid gas stations that have this, so really they're losing my business (and others).

  11. That is fucked. Why don't people just boycott those stations. Fucking bad enough to pay the prices we do, fuck if I'm listening to ads.

  12. Isn't the best way to actually gauge reaction to see how many people still mask on flights now?

  13. Why bother. Wear a mask if you want to, or don't. Nobody cares.

  14. Trust me a lot of people care. On local or provincial sub reddits you can see how many people are still obsessed with masking.

  15. Most provincial subreddits might as well just merge into

  16. My wife and I had a hard time finding a house small enough for our liking when we lived inside city limits.

  17. Hahahahaha hahahah epic awesome. Love this

  18. Can we trade Ohio for Washington state, please.

  19. Now that's a headline to put hair on your chest.

  20. itop says:

    I guess if your kid gets cancer you failed as a parent too.

  21. Sorry, I don't understand your point. We have universal healthcare.

  22. Forget it man. Real warm welcome here in this sub for people curious about the NDP's platform planks eh? Carry on.

  23. Every person from Iran I've met doesn't call themselves Iranian- from my experience they prefer "Persian" but feel free to tell me I'm full of shit if I'm wrong.

  24. Regardless of people’s views on Israel. It is the only state in the Middle East that is a real democracy, with rights for LGBTQ people and religious freedoms for those who don’t subscribe to the main religion of the majority.

  25. Most of them are eminently vilifiable.

  26. Do you rip those off? Just take the off gently. I've not had a single one break. ¯\(ツ)/¯ I for one find that one of the less egregious examples because it is super replaceable (unlike packing material which can get tricky for some products). I do legit feel better about a tiny cardboard tag instead of plastic one because we lose nothing (provided you aren't ripping it open).

  27. The cardboard tags still have plastic "claws" so I don't really understand the point

  28. So all those solar panels and wind turbines don't actually exist? That's what you're going with?

  29. Can you show me where I claimed that solar panels do not exist? Lol

  30. It’s going to be a $5,000,000,000+ political stunt that results in absolutely no effect on crime while vilifying otherwise good law abiding citizens who refuse to comply with an entirely pointless knee jerk reaction law. It’s incredible there aren’t more people upset about just the ungodly waste of our tax payer money this will be. Remember that it cost our federal government over $2.3 billion dollars to implement a new electronic payroll software from an original $300m estimate.

  31. The gun spam coupled with the almost comical echo chamber in all of these threads.

  32. Seems to still be driving engagement which means that publishers will continue to publish.

  33. Not a lot of jobs or universities within commuting distances of reserves in Canada.

  34. Dumbasses also think “not everyone deserves the right to vote.”

  35. No, people who have a contempt for their neighbours and fellow citizens, and have a superiority complex think "not everyone deserves the right to vote".

  36. At this point, they should just acclaim Tom Green as the new leader of the Green Party.

  37. Confirming I would vote for the Tom Green party.

  38. I think after May stepped down as leader, that was the death knell of the party. She is very respected and got voters out. I don't have anything against Paul, but I think she cost them credibility in the eyes of Canadians.

  39. No thank you king, if he cared so much he would give up some of his wealth to help. The king is evil and greedy, never forget that.

  40. Evil? Lol not really. He's a bit of a weird dude even for royalty (per the Camilla tapes), but evil is a bit of a stretch. As far as greed? Not really. His personal wealth is impressive by ordinary folks standards, but he has little need to grasp for more millions. The Crown's wealth is quite significant, but that property isn't the king's to dispose of.

  41. what else is he going to do, the federal relief plan is up to the government.

  42. Queen Elizabeth would be over here operating a bucket truck and bleeding off hydro lines, come on.

  43. Fair, you know what has new strains every year? the other 4 strains of influenza that have been around our entire lives.

  44. Excessive mortality doesn't particularly help a virus spread to new hosts.

  45. Yea a weeb i can confirm we hate those people

  46. See this is why I will continue thinking you are all a bunch of turbo nerds and making fun of you.

  47. You do realize thats only a small vocal minority right? Like with most things? Most of us enjoy anime alone and talk abt with close friends instead of posting our opinions for all to see

  48. You sound a little sensitive about it

  49. Yeah it is., thats why u drink in home self made beer and sauna and karaoke 😅

  50. she thinks all trans women want to spy on cis women in the bathrooms. that's pretty much a good enough reason to show that she isn't the best human being right there.

  51. Yeah I have never understood the people that are like “Harry Potter is forever tainted and ruined for me”. Like, I’m not that big of a HP fan anymore but I LOVED it as a kid. I have great memories of my dad taking me to the midnight premieres. Just because the author sucks doesn’t make those memories any less special to me. And you know I’m gonna be having a blast playing Hogwarts Legacy since it’s the game I’ve dreamed of since I was a kid.

  52. It depends on the timing and what is happening politically in any place at any time. For several years in my life there were annual minimum wage increases that effectively ate away at increases I had worked to get.

  53. And what advice do you have for those who are on a fixed income and already stretched incredibly thin on the most pathetic subsistence, like those on disability, or low income seniors? Even students will suffer a great deal in the next couple years if prices and cost of living continue skyrocketing.

  54. They support the unions and that's more than any of the other party's do for workers 🤷 I work in Alberta for a BC company so I get my bc workers rights and it's actually a lot better than the guys in Alberta who were fisted by the ucp

  55. How can an opposition party support the unions with anything other than words?

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