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  1. Those are such sweet little bikes. They are regarded as slow but will dust a lot of cars off the line. Great handling too.

  2. Yep, I think its something like 0-60 mph in 6 seconds for these! Which is plenty fast for me, haha. She keeps up pretty good on the highway too.

  3. I thought that when I had mine too. Then I realized the Speedo is about 10% fast lol. Screaming along at 9k to keep up with traffic always left the hands numb after a long ride on the highway.

  4. Woof yeah fortunately my commute doesn't involve any highway riding so I don't have to deal with it much. I'd like to upgrade to a bigger bike eventually for that reason. Just waiting to get more experience under my belt. Also money. Lmao

  5. Slide the plastic sleeve back, then plug the bullet into the jack.

  6. I didn't realize you could slide it back! thank you!

  7. replaced my turn signals, but I noticed the metal connectors on the new ones don't plug into the connectors from the bike. they'll work if the metal pieces are touching but they just don't stay like that, even with tape. they just come lose. am i doing something wrong?

  8. Yea agreed with everyone that it things happen and it’s good you’re not hurt. That being said… I looked up your bike, it’s 375 pounds and pretty bulky. It seems you’re experienced enough so I have an upgrade suggestion. The bike I currently ride is a 2018 (but all years are similar) 313cc bike that’s just shy under 350 lbs: BMW G310R. It’s very nimble and amazing handling and good for building low speed skills. It’s not BMW expensive because it’s actually a TVS bike built under BMW supervision. It’s a quality ride and it’s even 6speed for that cruising gear. Top speed 75 mph.

  9. Dang. First of all I am a man lol. Second, I did take my MSF course and passed it. I just made a dumb mistake, it most certainly does not happen all the time and I do feel confident. I don't find riding difficult at all. I'm just inexperienced and I need to practice more. I don't think it's fair for you to pass judgment like that. We all start somewhere yeah?

  10. Man, I'd love to upgrade lol but the old ninja is all I can afford rn. Though your suggestion is a very nice looking bike. Maybe in the future when I'm making more money.

  11. What insurance company do you use? Curious for myself because I don’t think soonercare will cover…

  12. I thought I read somewhere that soonercare does cover top surgery. Not sure though.

  13. Did you wind up getting top surgery? If so what surgeon did you use and did you need a referral letter from your PCP?

  14. I did not. Ended up getting a different job and my insurance does not cover it. I was looking at some out of state options tbh because I haven't heard many good things about top surgeons in OK.

  15. Yeah, I’ve noticed that a lot of people in this field who “don’t give a shit” about pronouns actually mean they hate being forced to recognize the concept of transgenderism. Which is not surprising, iirc polling shows that a plurality of Americans feel that societal acceptance of transgenderism has already gone too far and this field is more right-leaning than many.

  16. Bruh. You're so right about that. Last year I was eating after a call in the ems room at a hospital, and this emt and his partner came in and started talking about the call they just ran. Dude straight up called his patient a tranny after making fun of their presentation. I wasn't a part of the conversation but I inserted myself at that point, as I am trans myself. Most people can't tell as I pass really well nowadays. Anyways I asked him how he could use that slur so confidently when he can't even tell that he's in the same room as a transgender person. I told him he should be ashamed to say that kind of stuff where anybody can hear. I was so pissed.

  17. I've also had this thought. I think it would be cool to have a boredom stat like in project zomboid. Would be neat to be able to read to keep boredom/cabin fever at bay.

  18. Voting has concluded. Final vote:

  19. You got the order wrong. You were probably taught wrong, because a lot of people who rev match don't actually know how they do it; when you do it right, it's really quick and the "individual steps" actually get mixed together. But if you don't mix them together (because you're doing it slow while learning), the order is specific, and it's not what you're doing.

  20. I'll definitely work on it! I didn't know I was supposed to blip before pulling the clutch. Heck I didn't even know I was supposed to blip, lol. I'm gathering from you guys that it's a much quicker process than what I've been doing. Time to get out and practice in some parking lots for sure. Thank you!

  21. Does your bike have a slipper clutch? Is so, you don't need to rev match when downshifting.

  22. Im not sure actually. I'll have to do some research on that.

  23. I commented elsewhere that your number one job is to get home safely. Lots of cagers really are selfish idiots, that is immutable. So, since you can't change that, and your job is to get home, you have to change yourself. I've just learned to say "Fucking idiot" to myself and let it go. Nothing you can do will make them NOT an idiot.

  24. i agree, that's also something I try to tell myself. me flipping them off or gesturing isn't going to change their driving habits. they already know what they're doing is wrong but they don't care. definitely not worth it

  25. Don’t give drivers the finger, the momentary satisfaction isn’t worth the risk. I did that once and the guy came flying at me in his truck. Fortunately I had the power to take off and then filter through some traffic ahead so that he had no chance of catching up. I’m pretty sure he would have rammed me if he could, he was practically foaming at the mouth and visibly looked out of control.

  26. Yeah this is what I am afraid of lol. People are insane.

  27. Then if this comes down to communication issues, maybe suggest therapy to help you both communicate yours needs and desires in a more structured way?

  28. Thank you for sharing your experiences! It makes me feel hopeful reading how your relationship is turning out. My boyfriend and your husband have similar traits for sure. But hey, I'm very happy for you! It's great that you guys worked through your issues and came out happier on the other side.

  29. I think your temper and tone plays as much a role as his upbringing. You’ve written a novella here about all the many, many things he can’t do right, so I can only imagine how he’s getting lectured and berated on a daily basis. He might very well be a slob with bad parents, but that’s who he is. You won’t change him by scolding him.

  30. The point of the post is to talk about this situation specifically, which has to do with his cleanliness issues and my lack of patience. So yeah I did write a lot about that here. I could write even more about how much good he does for me on a daily basis but I already know these things and I don't need advice on that. I need advice on our issues with cohabitation and on his posting on reddit instead of approaching me.

  31. Hey. I am in a similar boat with my boyfriend. I'm super clean and particular and he is super messy. We are perfect other than that and he's thinking about leaving due to my lashing out at his messiness. It's hard. I think compromising is a big factor. There are days where I just have to let some stuff go, difficult as that is. And you are not ruining your relationship. You've lived your whole life a certain way and now something has changed that. Same with him. You can't be expected to just adjust overnight. Give yourself some time and some credit, you know?

  32. Thank you. It's nice to have someone be kind when I am not being kind myself.

  33. I totally get that. It's like even though he's making progress, you see a few mistakes and it makes you feel like it's all for not. And you know it's unreasonable to expect perfection but you can only be so patient. Ugh. It really does suck.

  34. My favorite genre of video game is survival, and my favorite game environment is cold/snow. This game combines both of these aspects and does both very well so it just scratches that itch for me. I've loved this game since 2015 and I find myself consistently coming back to it.

  35. I have a 2007 kawasaki ninja 250r, first bike so I don't have much to compare it to. Love the size and maneuverability. But god damn is it ugly. Ugly beige/silver color, ugly body style. But I know nobody wants to steal it because of that, so that's something.

  36. Yep happens to us all. I've been riding for over 15 years and thankfully haven't had a moving accident, but a few brain fart drops. My recent one which was last week, happened because I had forgot to put my kickstand down when I putting my rear tire back on after a tire change. Due to it being on the rear stand and as I was pulling on the lever on the rear stand to bring the bike down, and I stood on the left side of the bike to pull the weight to the left as I was lowering it. However, since the kickstand was in the up position it just crashed to the ground. Since it's a pretty big bike my strength just couldn't overcome the massive weight and it just went down. It was like it happened in slow motion. There were scuff marks on the left side/front fairing and the big rubber hose that runs from the radiator to the engine was somehow loosened from the fall and I had a coolant leak afterwards.

  37. Hah. The infamous kickstand. Due to all the posts about forgetting to put it down, I am like hyper vigilant about it every time I park my bike, lmao. I'm sure it'll happen to me sooner or later though.

  38. Yesterday I just slid my 05 ZZR600. I was on my way home, it started raining, and I was on a road with fresh oil. I went to slow down at maybe 25 mph, back end came out, I lowsided, and slid like 20 feet with the bike next to me.

  39. aw man that really sucks. It's crazy how quickly things can go south. glad you're okay though at least.

  40. Depending where you live that is possible under your budget, but then you would have spent $3000 for a $1800 motorcycle. With $3000 you should be able to find something that runs well and you are so close to affording a fuel injected bike.

  41. follow up question, should I generally avoid bikes with carbs and try to look for fuel injected instead?

  42. If you don't have the skills, tools, and time to maintain them, I would avoid them.

  43. that's something I hadn't thought about. I work full time and go to school full time so I definitely don't have the spare time to preform that kind of maintenance. I guess I'm just over excited now that I've passed my course, I want a bike right this second lmao. I definitely need to keep on looking and it sounds like I'll have to go with fuel injected. I appreciate your input.

  44. Just saw a duplex in Catoosa posted on Facebook for $575 a month. Can’t post a screenshot here but feel free to message me and I can send it!

  45. Waterford Apartments at 51st and Harvard.

  46. they look nice. but like everywhere else that seems good they're full. I'll watch for openings though.

  47. I've got autism so often times when I get back into playing Rimworld it ends up becoming my latest autistic obsession. Last night I got so caught up with stuff happening in the game I lost track of time and I ended up going to bed at 2:30 in the morning :/

  48. Sometimes I dream about it, so yeah I’m with you.

  49. Ha. Can't even escape it in your sleep.

  50. this works pretty well. but I haven't figured out how I will kill the Dragonkin in there.

  51. he will follow you back to that ramp that leads up onto the raised pillars, from there you can just shoot his face with ranged combat of your choice. that's how I cheeses him anyway, wasn't fucking around with that rot bullshit

  52. Forgot to mention, I'll be taking the course in April:) And yes I've actually been looking at the honda rebel as an option!

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