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I'm back from five years in prison. AMA!

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Maxine Water's Report yesterday revealed the DTCC waived $9.7B the morning of Jan 28, 2021, spread out between 6 firms. Robinhood was $2.2B/$9.7B, which means 5 other CEOs were awoken at 3AM like Vlad with a massive margin charge. 5 companies divided by the remainder $7.5B is an average $1.5B each.

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  1. As opposed to looking like a 10-year-old at 40? You are the textbook definition of unfuckable.

  2. This was entertaining as fuck to read. Thank you for your service

  3. the music in Shredder's Revenge impressed me from start to finish. Totally evoked the 80s Turtles games so, so well. Wasn't surprised to see it was Tee Lopes!

  4. Could it be because the shit show turned people off and now they don’t want to go, so it looks even more empty than before? Or was it always that peaceful?

  5. Yes. This is why my family hasn’t been going. It’ll take some time for people to come back

  6. Yeah I kinda went the opposite route and bought a house and farm.

  7. Growing up, I wondered about countries and golden ages. I was like “shit things are going really good now, I wonder if this is our golden age.”

  8. People don't get the point that, people who are going to break the law to kill, aren't worried about gun laws. They will buy stuff off the street and do the same. Why not allow law biding citizens to defend themselves and others against the attacker.

  9. And this is why the obviously effective gun bans don’t work in literally every other country?

  10. This gets you perma banned from reddit. Fucking losers admins preparing for reddit ipo

  11. I've never enjoyed this interpretation because the second song shits all over this theory. The Devil is still very much after Johnny's soul, he definitely thinks he was defeated the first time, not some secret twisted win and the version of the devil that appears in Southern folklore can be beaten, they don't always win in the end with a sly smile as the protagonist walks away seemingly in victory.

  12. Yeah you’re right — that other version is a modern interpretation based on years of fiction and, I think, a sort of collective leveling-up in storytelling. People in the past weren’t that complicated: god-fearing humans good, devil bad, beating devil good. Done. The song granted a sense of agency over their fear. There was absolutely no desire for the devil to actually win

  13. Abundance of quests or map markers with copy-pasted gameplay. Done right, it feels like I have a bountiful buffet of choices; done wrong it feels like a list of chores that never decreases.

  14. The only problem I have with A20 heart runs (I mean, other than failing a lot) is that you are somewhat forced into a very narrow set of builds that can actually get it done. I tend to drop ascension to maybe 10 for most runs and half the time I don't even think too much about the heart.

  15. That tends to be my problem with any of these sorts of roguelikes. Success is binary; either you get the optimal build and fly through it no problem, or you have a suboptimal build and are essentially guaranteed failure. It removes any sense of agency. So I still get a thrill from these kinds of games because obviously I’m making choices and there is a baseline skill pre-requisite, but overall it’s the same kind of thrill from like playing a slot machine rather than say beating a fighting game or winning at chess.

  16. Yeah I am incredibly disappointed about that. FFVII is over two decades old and deserves a proper remake instead of the Kingdom Hearts bullshit that it got

  17. I think you need to have a different look at what a remake is.

  18. I understand what you are saying. But I think you need to look at the Re1 and 2 remakes to understand what people are expecting when they say they wanted a proper remake.

  19. I totally get why people say they want that, but the RE games were just games. RE4 is up there close to FFVII as one of my favorite games of all time, and for it, simply remaking the game with modern pizzazz will be fine. RE doesn’t need that extra something. It’s a fun game with great mechanics and I just want the right excuse to experience it again. And if that’s all FFVII is to some people then hey, fair enough, I get where they’re coming from why they want to play the exact same game with updating graphics and UX.

  20. how are you handling a gear progression for unarmed monks? I always avoid monks in games because they get weird/unexciting fist weapons or I have to opt-out of all of the weapons in the game which obviates a big part of progression

  21. looks like the person responding already explained it- Issa was trying to make a point but ended up making the opposite point.

  22. yeah but what point was he actually trying to make? that's what we're all trying to figure out (though I think another commenter got it -- that somehow under Trump the terrorists just weren't trying to come over, but now they are?)

  23. Honestly, it makes me wonder if I have undiagnosed PTSD. These kids feel so safe and comfortable that they don't wake up.

  24. Seriously man, I’ll wake up because someone in the next town over thinks about a loud song. Jealous of all these kids (if it’s not staged which it also might be)

  25. Oh no, I didn't realise this was UK until you pointed that out....... nightmare!!

  26. How do these places deal with cunts like this? Just hope really badly that having no punishment/correction system in place will never be abused and pull a surprised pikachu when that doesn’t work?

  27. Cool. I’m not feeling the same anymore

  28. My biggest issue with this game were 2 day 1 dlcs I hat that hit. I have zero issue paying for a game £40 if it's good but give me full game not try to sell me £15 game and £25 DLC with the rest of it.

  29. You shouldn’t be getting downvoted so hard because I get what you’re saying (dev energy is a finite resource, if it gets poured into a “paid cosmetics” bucket that means it’s not going into the “gameplay cosmetics” bucket), but it honestly doesn’t matter in this game specifically. They’re a small team, and some people will buy it, and that’s probably enough of a difference to heavily help out overall costs for them, while being super minimally impactful on their time.

  30. Don't worry, Blue Hawk is here to represent them. Though I do think they may be pissy that he represents them too well.

  31. “Why can’t we just have a nice, strong character that represent our values of xenophobia, misogyny, and weaponized ignorance!”

  32. You see the use of BLM being virtue signaled in the show and think “ha ha I also dislike BLM, take that leftists!”

  33. “Don’t forget that you aren’t supposed to wear socks with those sweat pants” is basically what they meant to say

  34. Right? Like ultimately if I like someone, I want to see their face. Not them hiding behind a giant shrub.

  35. It’s because they’re not attractive dude. Yeah If every guy was already a handsome Hank they wouldn’t need to grow a beard — the whole point is to minimize the detrimental effect your face is having on your looks and at least become “beard guy” and hope that your character and personality can take over the Increased responsibility

  36. lol. I’m a beard guy dude. Enjoy the privilege of having the freedom to make a style choice, most of us out here are just glad it’s an in thing right now so we can hide the mess

  37. One of the rare games that I dropped. Which is unfortunate because Yakuza 0 is one of my favorite games.

  38. All of this. I was really excited about the new RPG mechanics, but around halfway through I was totally over them.

  39. And I can't see the GoT actors coming back for another go-around.

  40. That’s one of the things that annoys me the most. Like, “sure, we’re in the most watched, most loved media series in the history of humanity; and sure we’re getting paid absolute fuck tons of money; and ok we’re having a wonderful time on set with our fellow cast members who are basically like family at this point; and maybe we’ll look back on this as the good ol days and best time of our lives; but can’t we just finally put an end to this once and for all so we can all go do absolutely nothing even remotely as interesting or loved for the rest of our lives??”

  41. Looks sick dude make sure to post when we can get it!

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