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  1. How much are they offering you? You have pretty good experience I wouldn't take less than 15 hourly. I make $20 flag rate rn it is good my friend if you go flag ask for at least 17.

  2. "...the repercussions are even harsher if someone is in possession of a THC-infused substance. He says things like edibles and liquid THC do not fall under Texas’ marijuana statute. They fall under the Controlled Substances Act, which means if a person has a bag of edible gummies, they are not charged for the THC percentage, but for the weight of the entire bag."

  3. I feel like their probably going to lose a good portion of they’re subscribers. Especially after the recent price increase.

  4. My family has an account and my two college aged kids who live away from home use it. If they prevent us from doing that it won't be worth it anymore and we'll quit.

  5. That's the only reason I use Netflix so my family can use my account

  6. Only if your actually into gang banging or are a dumb fucking teen acting like a gang banger

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