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  1. Maaaaannnn is this girl going to be upset when she almost finishes high-school, gets pregnant by the first guy desperate enough to sleep with her and the baby bonus and support checks run out!

  2. Safety only matters when it’s white people threatening the safety of a group with more privilege points.

  3. Toronto is Canada's most diverse city and York Memorial Collegiate is a public secondary school

  4. What's the point of talking to MSM? All they do is lie, twist words and labeling anyone doesn't agree with majority as "far right". It's a good thing Polievre ignores them.

  5. Our Healthcare situation would not be much different. in fact it could of been alot worse. Lack of liberal federal funding is the biggest reason our health system is in decay. And it was both the liberal and NDP.

  6. Strong disagree that the federal government is the issue here, the federal government is right to expect data collection standards from the provinces. The provinces have been wasted the money they've been given with no accountability measures. At the end of the day, healthcare is not the federal government's responsibility and the provinces have all the tools they need to raise taxes, increase revenue, etc but they want Trudeau to be the bad guy who does that. So the problem isn't just the fact that the provinces aren't getting enough free no-strings-attached money from the feds.

  7. Since 2018 our main funding has all but stopped with increases. Where we usually see at the least 3% a year. So in 2022 the the provinces federal funding is down by at least 12% to our CHT.

  8. Movies and documentaries have done nothing but to encourage awful behavior for fame.

  9. And you see the edited spelling mistake, what's the problem? No correction was made after you actually replied. Stop deflecting and acting like you're the victim of something.

  10. Your original post was "what's your take" the crossed out word isn't fooling anyone.

  11. I'm sure you have screenshots to support your claim? My edit is very transparent. You must be confused with someone else.

  12. 27% of our Healthcare system is private and has helped our health system out immensely. Life Labs one of Canada's biggest medical testing facilities is private and NO you do not get billed for it they bill our government for it.

  13. You completely miss the actual issue. Did you do that on purpose?

  14. Greenbelt land? Wetlands? Is that the issue people have with these developments or is it the profit?

  15. Maybe so.. but the further we live from industry and our metro areas the more we promote commuting and greater carbon emissions

  16. I'm just telling you, the people from la punta are from la punta, not Puerto. Go there and ask a local. I've been there many times. Different vibe, different world. Near Puerto Not Puerto. But you go ahead and send me links to Google maps. Kook.


  18. There really isn’t any. Bell being teir 2 if you want to connect to the main which is really the government, all others are teir 3 and teir 4. There is no capitalism in Canada, there is no competition. It’s one single conglomerate.

  19. 100% guess I'm stuck with overpriced and unreliable service from Roger's

  20. Find hundreds of millions of dollars in the ownership of Biden and I’ll be on your side. Saying he has the money but unable to say where is not a winning argument

  21. They did... there is over 100 SAR reports with biden named directly even referred to as "the big man" these suspicious activity reports need to be followed up with an investigation.

  22. building communities closer to our industry and metropolitan areas helps reduce commuting and other carbon emissions.

  23. The money does not exist in our Province to give CUPE what thier asking for.

  24. He really can’t do much as long as healthcare is run provincially. He can give money but half the time the province turns around and uses it for something else. Exactly what happened to our province during Covid. Extra money was not spent on public schools. Where do you think that surplus Ontario has came from? Nothing will change until the conditions for health care workers change and there is little to nothing any PM can do about that.

  25. Why is it unreasonable for the government to ask the provinces for data to back up that the hospitals are actively functioning appropriately? Shouldn't any good system already have these reporting statistics for the massive informational use they would yield allowing us to likely save millions in the future by being able to more acutely predict, analyze and distribute resources?

  26. I don't believe asking for an audit is unreasonable. I disagree with halting a regular increase in funding in order to get that audit, Previously the government would give a small increase of 3% and ask for the same.


  28. I'm stoked for you! It's stories like this that keep me chasing my first barrel!

  29. I have one in 8’ and one in 6’6”. The 8’ does well in anything from knee to head high. I’m not sure if the 7’6” has a single fin but the 8 does and I ride it with side bites and it’s great for when it’s a little steeper. I would say go with 8’.

  30. The 8' comes with a 2 + 1. And the 7'6 has 5 fin configuration which I was planning to set up as a thruster.

  31. I’d say get the 8’0. I’m a kook of a similar size and have progressed on my 8’0 mini-mal using it in similar conditions (have gotten stuck out on shoulder+ days and handled it fine, though I’d opt for a smaller board for waves of that size if given the chance). I’m not sure what the rocker is like on the pickup stick but I’d lean towards the 7’6 if you think the majority of your surfing is going to be shoulder+ height. Just my $.02.

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