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  1. Some shia (mostly) are mad that the foreigners are better treated then them the natives

  2. The same shias who go around protesting and burning everything down and proudly voicing their support for hamas

  3. im a infp and i am fun but for sensitive people i am very boring to them cause they get offended by my jokes

  4. Just take pictures of whatever sim you want to befriend... Raises the friendship meter significantly. Even using your cell phone is enough, no need to purchase the best camera 😎 👍

  5. thank you but as i've said, i just want faster romance relations, but yeah it's fine

  6. goodness gracious it already only takes like an in game day to go from strangers to married

  7. thats the thing relationships are so slow if you don't marry or do first kiss

  8. for me it's the opposite, i always give my sim a big nose, slightly smaller eyes since their eyes are always big,less chubby cheeks, nice jawline and i make one of the most handsome sims, but for women it sucks

  9. THANK YOU! i experimented with this mod thinking it's a sex mod only but it adds better romance, better attractiveness, and everything with it (but i don't use periods cause i have them already on a seperate mod)

  10. Do you have the correct files for your most up to date expansion pack? Is it possible you have another mod that conflicts with the careers?

  11. yes, yes i do, mods? i just have skin mods and some mods that make sims 2 easier and more realistic

  12. sims like tank grunt or daniel pleasant can easily get jobs, im talking about new sims

  13. Sim Wardrobe had a number of guns, their stuff is archived on simfileshare now.

  14. mandela effect, mandela effect... well really its to fill in gaps of detail, for example, uncle cash pennybags from monopoly, DOESNT HAVE A MONOCOLE, not only that, in pop culture references, in we are the champions, it doesnt end with "of the world" but people dont realize that cause they want to add detail in their brain, later they edited of the world in and if its a mandela effect, how come the original song would change but, NOT THE SIMPSONS REFERENCE? or other pop culture references, the risky business scene, the guy wears underpants and shades? no, people just don't want to admit they remembered some things wrong, simpsons is a good example for alot of these mandela effects

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